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These 14 hand tools are what I personally use and have used for over 20 years as a carpenter. These are 100% my opinion , but when they work, they work! I hope this video gets you moving in the right direction.


Speed Square:
Screwdriver (would totally buy this one):
End Cutting Pliers (they don’t sell mine anymore):
Utility Knife:
Estwing Hammer:
Sliding T-Bevel:
Chisel Set:
Nail Set:
Pry Bar Scraper (better then mine):
Tape Measure:
15-Inch Utility Pry Bar:
Chalk Line:
2 ft. level:
Level Set:

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Training Hands Academy says:

For over 20 years these hand tool have been with me through thick and thin. Leave a comment below if you love tools. 🛠️📐

SirRobinDeSway says:


Khensani Nkuna says:

Totally agree with your selection…would add clamps

Robert Davis says:

This is a great video with the perfect tool list. I just retired this past year after 44 years in carpentry, and I've carried your exact list of tools in my nail bags for at least the last 40 years. I prefer an Estwing hammer too, and I don't have elbow or shoulder problems, and for many years, we drove all the nails in a house or barn with our Estwing hammers not nail guns or high dollar titanium hammers.

Johnny Garza says:

Great video sir. Very informative and easy to listen to.

frank rizzo says:

This didn't help at all in fact it made things worse

Neil Jackson says:

Amazing video, very helpful

Waqas Bin Liaqat says:

Kindly upload the video of cordless drill machine which type is better for all works.

Stanley60wang says:

Really nice

We Buy &Sell Houses & Apts Cash Offer says:

Jusst getting started. I figure since it’s difficult to find a great one I need to learn all I can as a Realtor and Investor

Bailey Rodriguez says:

Thank you so much. Great informative video.


Thank you for this helpful video ..! Keep updating with new technology. Love from India

Justin Cordes says:

GREAT VIDEO! so helpful the little b-roll examples of using the tool as you talk about it.

Saleh Abusheikhah says:

I love how the video is short and in point. No abundant unnecessary things to make a 3:49 minute video into a +17 min.

Muhammad Jawad says:

I want to start learning carpentry after watching this video. Can u guide from where i start. I am presently at zero level no ide about tools

Hùng Phạm says:

And now hand saw sir?

Mutus says:

Good content

GM M says:

Thanks for the info!

AJ says:

This is for school

Krista Sparks says:

This guy is the bomb. I have all of these tools- but then again, I have probably a hundred or more accumulated over the years and most recently a huge construction/renovation project; I feel like I’m always looking for the right tool for something but can’t ever find it! I realize this is more of an organizational/personal problem, but the point is it is so nice to have this “quick guide” to pick which ones to keep handy in my tool belt/bag. I happen to agree, these are the ones I always end up needing the most. This channel is definitely worth subscribing to and following- I love the way he explains things for some reason. It’s simple but not mind-numbingly so, and it doesn’t feel like I just wasted 15 or more minutes of my life trying to find one point or tip. It bugs the crap out of me when people in videos repeat themselves over and over and/or take forever to get to what the title of the video implies they will be demonstrating or talking about. Maybe those are preferable/helpful for some folks, but for someone with an existing working knowledge of general woodworking/tools and just needs tips or clarification here and there, this guy is where it’s at! Thanks so much!

Mohamed Zulkifly says:

Only have half of what u've list down… Need to find some more

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