BEGINNER Laser Engraving and cutting tutorial with the Sculpfun S9 from Banggood

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This week I’m diving into the world of Laser Engraving and cutting with the Sculpfun S9. This video is designed to help anyone who is a total beginner or amateur and looking to get into Laser engraving or cutting. The video will walk you through the steps of setting up the Sculpfun S9 and the process to install LIght burn along with test engraves and settings. With this video you should be up and running within the day. Below are helpful tips about framing, starting points and videos I used to get going.

Sculpfun S9 Laser Engraver:

Helpful Videos:
Installing Lightburn onto a Mac:
Testing print settings:
DIY Laser Cutting Bed:
Starting Position, origins – –

Skip Ahead
0:00 – Intro
1:04 – Unboxing and construction
2:22 – Software install
3:53 – Test engrave
7:33 – Logo Engraving
9:05 – Logo Cutting 3mm plywood
12:16 – Logo Cutting 10mm
13:29 – Quick Tip 1
14:01 – Quick Tip 2
15:34 – Quick Tip 3
16:08 -Wrap Up

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– Makita Brushless Drill Driver:
– Makita Impact Driver:
– Bosch Jigsaw:
– Ryobi Palm Router:
– Kreg Pocket Hole Jig:
– Clamps:
– Glue:
Camera Gear
– Canon EOS R:
– Canon 15mm-35mm Lens:
– Manfrotto Tripod:
– Manfrotto Ball Head:
– Manfrotto Movie Head:
– Rode Lav Mic:
– Rode Mic Receivers:
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Tony Romano says:

Outstanding video.

Oz-E-Rider says:

Thanks so much, this is a fantastic tutorial. You sold me on the Sculpfun S9! It arrived a couple of days ago so I'll start using it this coming week. Thanks to your straight forward, easy to follow tute I feel confident in setting it up and doing my first project. Looking forward to watching more of your content. Subbed!

Dennis Nolan - Ozark Arts & Crafts says:

Very good review. Am now considering this model for my shop. Thanks.

jamie says:

Thanks so much. You have me convinced.

vanesse baumann says:

Thank you, very nice clear to the point tutorial! Please share cut settings you used for the 3mm

Jim W1JT says:

Great video which I really enjoyed. I hit the LIKE button and subscribed. I have a question. I live in New England just south of Boston MA. My workshop is out in the yard in a nice building that I converted into a shop. Naturally I have electricity but the only heat in the shop is from my wood stove. Now, in the Winter we tend to get some pretty cold days and nights. Naturally during that time when I'm out there I fire up the wood stove and it makes things really comfortable. However, when I'm not there, the inside of the shop gets very cold! So, what I'm wondering is, will this laser cutter/engraver be harmed by cold temperatures? I hope not because I'd really like to get one but I've got to make sure first. If you or anyone reading this knows the answer, I'd be grateful. Thanks!

jack breeazy says:

I'm having the same problem with smernit leaser engraver as well. Your video was extremely helpful but can't figure this starting point. Plus I've adjusted the belt I don't how many times. Not sure if it's operator error or just faulty equipment. Thank you for the content tho…

Paul Mitchell says:

Was wanting a laser engraver but after watching your great video I would also need a laptop


tq so much to u… absolutely i can engrave and cut just in one day with this guide u provide us

Cool Funcle says:

you dhould get that discount code updated it's useless

dahlbergt says:

Thank you for sharing!

Rizky Alif says:

Why is it when I tried in a tumbler media where the power's 80-85, speed 50-60, the invterval 0.04 engine always goes out in the middle of a graph? Please help me 🙏

Андрей Степанов says:

здравствуйте вопрос. 20 проходов вы сделали а какая скорость и мощность лазера для резки такой толщины материала. и как вы сказали я тоже думая что это мягкий материал. можно ли резать фанеру 10 мм.
hello question. 20 passes you have made and what is the speed and power of the laser for cutting such a thickness of material. And as you said, I'm also thinking it's a soft material. is it possible to cut 10 mm plywood? thanks for the reply.

cyntrez1 says:

Great video! Thks

Ashley L says:

Amazing video. Thank you so much. Subscribe.

Daniel Lihaciu says:

Software? They are free?

E H says:

With this open ended laser cutter can you make things as big as you want since it’s open ended? Like connecting dots you know?

Daniel Lihaciu says:

Test on granite?

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