Beginners Guide to Manual & CNC Machining!

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This video is for the Concord Kids – a group of 5th grade students studying STEM! And, of course, it’s for anyone to serve as a basic beginners guide to a manual milling machine (Bridgeport) and a computer controlled CNC Milling machine (Tormach PCNC 1100)!

Curious how we film?

Their teacher, Dan, email saying a video on milling basics would really help the kids understand some of the work they are studying. I love helping kids and would encourage everyone to reach out to any number of local programs – STEM, FIRST Robotics – anything to help increase interest and passion for engineering in our youth!

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Jeremy Hetrick says:

Been years since I've operated any machine, though I can close my eyes and still smell the smell, hear the tools running through metal and can still see that almost orgasmic machine finish. There's nothing like it, the finish that is, of a properly machined piece of metal.

Dávid says:

Is it true that CNC operators will be replaced with robots within 3-4 years (or maybe just a little later) and just the CNC programmer position will stay for human?

araw540 says:

More people just need to understand that in this Field you can do just about ANYTHING you can go ANYWHERE and Get a GREAT paying job the sky is literally the Limit and doesn't require a Degree but more often then not you Get DEGREE Money without the Degree Debt and isn't going to break your back.

Most dudes straight out of High school Go to College. Military, Service industry or Straight up Sweat shops that have sky high turnover, when they could be making BANK and having a good time doing it.

Russell' Ratty's says:

id love one of those old bridgeport milling machines, id have full time work resurfacing engine blocks and cylinder heads with that

Louis Mccoy says:

Only good for aluminum

Airborne_Infantryman says:

They’re probably intimidated by it or not interested in it because they think that they have to be Mathematicians.

three oh five says:

There's a huge difference between being a production machinist and not..production machining is boring and repetitive,higher up team leaders and so on write your programing and you just find your work shift then run.not much fun

Alexander Hewett says:

Problem is they advertise STEM careers to pay more than they actually do and its hard to get into the field of study cause they always want to place you in an unrelated field or similar field. You can want to be an engineer and end up only being able to find a job in research testing which is quite boring. In my case I have an electronics engineering degree, now I have to go back to school and take two classes not included in my program and pay out of pocket cause nobody will hire me without CNC programming. Thanks to the college not informing me and adding these courses to my program. 🙄

Chris Kennedy says:

How do you change the bit on that model?

Mitala Aleka says:

This is cool, thanks for the video.

Jesus vazquez says:

Welders get paid more than machinest … that’s why

Chris Murray says:

This guy is a great teacher. Thanks for making the video!

Tek Tables says:

Hi Guys, Im an experienced toolmaker trying to carve a living from the havoc wreaked by covid and I have a product I make bespoke for customers, would really appreciate any opinion from my fellow machinists on if they would find it handy, thanks fellas.

Don Mezzma says:

Kids today are completely worthless, they don’t have attention span for mills, they can barely learn 3d printing

Металлообработка. Metalworking on machine tools. says:

See how metal is processed in Russia

fusrodaha says:

İt was 14 minutes long but it felt like 1 min. Nice tutorial but should've mentioned how reset / zeroing done

Adkins fabrication and then some says:

John I want to go to school to be a machinist so bad! I just can’t get anyone to give me a chance. I’m a 4 1/2 year almost 5 year recovering attic and I can’t get nobody to give me a chance man I just want to be a machine is so bad I have a lot of my own tools I have a South Bend 8 inch Dalton six-a type 4. I love machining

Stan's World says:

Stans world for machine shop stuff

flipping wood for cash says:

Would any one like to my my Cnc as it homemade you can make it yourself perfect for this I have no experience as you will see on my YouTube channel please check it out. I just started working from home because of lockdown so I decided to pick my phone up as started recoding with iPhone and iMovie for editing please look back when I had nothing and my Cnc. Change my life

Yes I sound like a mad man but I am suffering with Some mental illness and can really focus on one thing

And all I can say a cnc workshop is the best thing I ever did

Kyle E. says:

I start CNC Precision Machining classes today !


I'm a cnc bender, been bending for 4 years, and a bid at my job went up for " tool room machinist" I wanted to see what its about by checking out this video. its fascinating . I love it. cant wait till I apply for it. thx man

Miles Cuñha says:

There’s so many of these types of companies in California. How is there so much supply and demand who is buying this metal?

youdroids getoffmylawn says:

Machining is such a sneaky way of learning , math, physics, electronics, chemistry, even a little biology from the occasional skinned knuckle. Start managing a shop and add statistics, accounting, finance and human relations.
The practical application of of all of these disciplines give you the tools to be a better machinist and a true artisan.

ron reaves says:

He's cutting aluminum…..Grow up and cut some A2 D2 tool steel ….puss

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