Beginners Guide to Plasma Cutting and Plasma Gouging

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Beginners Guide to Plasma Cutting and Plasma Gouging How To. Everything you need to know to start plasma cutting and plasma gouging. In this episode I demonstrate how a plasma cutter works, how to properly setup a plasma cutter, how to adjust for the correct air and amperage settings based on material thickness, how to make a freehand cut as well as make a cut using a guide. I demonstrate how consumables work and I also demonstrate plasma gouging and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of plasma cutting and gouging along with with air compressor size requirements.



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Pond Acres says:

Brandon thx man, informative vid. I'm looking into getting a lotos ltp5000d.

Tom Wilson says:

Just got a plasma cutter, never used one before…. is it a good idea to have a separate regulator / filter on the air compressor – Also I have a project that involves cutting parts of a frame on a small wood chipper…wondering if I should demount the engine or should just making sure the fuel tank is empty good enough – the cutting will be a couple of feet from where the engine is mounted.

Mohammed Zeco says:

Very very good job

Brent Smith says:


Kamran Rabani says:

Thank you for a great video.

wesleyb82 says:

Super helpful video

Dog Serious says:

Cool video LetsgoBrandon

Cloud By Day Fire by Night says:

Well done….

Herman Pierce says:

Brandon if you were to buy a cutter would you get the 55 Ds or pay a little more for the 65 Ds is it worth a $100 more for 10 more amps.

dav24x says:

Hi I bought the plasma cutter same in your video but when I connect the air my plasma don't show up the pressure in the pressure gauche is works only in the adjustment time only and them back to 0 you think is something defective

John says:

That was an excellent demonstration. So much so that I've subscribed and I don't even have a plasma cutter…

Lawman says:

I’m new to this and I watched another video yesterday. The author mentioned matching the nozzle and electrode to the amperage rather than the supply voltage, I got the impression that the consumables were amp specific?

dav24x says:

I get my plasma cutter after I watching your video finally no need to deal with eny gas very educative thanks 🙏 👍

Bruce Pugsley says:

Brandon my new Yeswelder plasma CUT-55DS I ordered just arrived. Will the Kobalt 26 gallon with 4.5 CFM @90 PSI Be enough to run this plasma cutter?

Mary Martin says:

This video is the best tutorial I have ever seen 😍
Thanks for sharing your knowledge 🙏

Bruce Pugsley says:

Thanks for the yeswelder plasma cutter. As a result I ordered that same unit directly from Yeswelder as they had a promo code giving a 30% off an already lower price, plus free shipping. I am new to the metal works, having been an accomplished woodcrafter for over 30 years. Thought it time to do something I’ve always wanted to learn. Being 78 your never to,old to learn. Thanks again I am a huge fan of your channel. Signed The Old Student!

Ross Spokes says:

What distance do you have the guide away from your actual cut line.

Truth Serum says:

Let’s go Brandon.

Horus says:

I watched a japanese video a few month ago
where they melt rock with plasma , it look like they used 3 carbon
carbon rods around the head which i guess were the ground
and when turned on created plasma due to close points

Joe O' Leary says:

Brilliant video. Best instructor on the web👍🏻🙏

Marc & Melissa says:

very very good instruction Brandon Thank you!

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