Best Ductless Air Conditioner 2022 – The Only 5 You Should Consider Today

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► Links to the best ductless air conditioner 2022 we listed in this video:

► 5. Della 12,000 BTU 20 SEER –
► 4. PIONEER Diamante 20 SEER –
► 3. Bosch Quiet 20.7 SEER –
► 2. COOPER AND HUNTER Sophia 21.5 SEER –
► 1. MRCOOL DIY-12-HP-115B 3rd Gen –

Table of Contents:
0:00​​ – Introduction
0:38​ – Della 12,000 BTU 20 SEER
1:43 – PIONEER Diamante 20 SEER
3:30 – Bosch Quiet 20.7 SEER
4:22​​ – COOPER AND HUNTER Sophia 21.5 SEER
6:31​​ – MRCOOL DIY-12-HP-115B 3rd Gen

Ductless mini-split air conditioners are the most energy-efficient type of air conditioner.

A SEER rating is a measure of energy efficiency. Mini-split air conditioners with a SEER rating of 20 or above are the most energy-efficient. In other words, they can generate a tremendous quantity of cooling power at a fraction of the cost of electricity (compared to other AC types).

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Paul Motter says:

I have always gotten great customer support from ParkerDavis (Pioneer in Florida). As a return buyer I even great free shipping (saved me 20%)

Rayon Whittaker says:

Wait Wait … I have 2 that I use and they are hybrid with higher SEER rating:
1. Zamna Climate
2. Deye Inverter

Check them out I have a few video demonstrations

viisteist says:

cooper&hunter on the 2nd place only means that this is a very fast Alt+F4 video

Robert Vucsko says:

Interesting vid. A couple of these I've never heard of. The accent of the narrator and the speed of his speech, however, made it a bit difficult to follow his details.

Former Marine says:

This guy is in correct. Mitsubishi make the best mini split with up to a 32 seer, and the most quiet cassette on the market!

Shad Eiland says:

The pioneer has been great. Works like a champ. I raised the condenser off the ground since I live in a high dust and pollen area.

Rico S says:

Do people use these systems in place of a standard central air system? Thanks for the review.

Paul H says:

#3 has the quietest system under 40 while #2 also is the quietest! so which one is the quietest?

Rick says:

Mr. Cool is definitely not the unit with the highest SEER rating.


What about Senville Aura model? Senville has good ratings on Amazon and great customer service. There’s always someone who picks up the phone. I have MrCool and Pioneer. Trying out Senville now. Anyone has input about Senville please let me know before I install it.

Dennis Mayer says:

Looks great if you are cooling one room? What are the expansion capabilities?

Mr Cool Hvac Truths says:

Did you know Mr Cool DIY installs by individuals are illegal?

J J says:

Also, inovair brand is a very well made unit. Better than pioneer. I've installed dozens of these and no call backs. Pioneer brand….so far I've replaced 3 head unit fan motors. Fixed 2 line set leaks, and unclogged every single drain line. Not too happy about that.

J J says:

I have Della 9,000 btu 230 volt mini split 25 seer. They quit making this one for some reason, but its still going strong after 5 years. The crazy thing about it, is on heat mode, the fan turns off and on as it cycles. All the rest I've installed, the head unit fan runs constantly.

Rich Laue says:

A SEER of 20, with many units today 25-30 rating.

Sebastian Tevel says:

Mitsubishi, Daikin, Fujitsu, Panasonic look no further.

Ross Malagarie says:

where's Gree? They go up to 38 SEER any higher than that?

Danilo Lorenzetti says:

There's not any of ac shown here in Brazil lol

Geoff Geoff says:

Mitsubishi Heavy industries the best.

Cascade says:

I’ve had gree for 5 years now. It’s a 4 split and it was really nice until we realized we needed to upgrade the units internal part to use Wi-Fi and now 3 of the 4 units are loud. Say NO to gree

peter smith says:

like so many reviews, USELESS

Rene Maldonado says:

I have a 350sq ft shop, spray in Foam insulation in south Texas. so according to the propaganda, I need a 9k btu @110volts unit, or a 12k btu unit @110 volts for about the same price, why would I not take the 12K unit ? so confusing…

Rene Maldonado says:

Great video… Thank You

Broser R says:

Quote for an 18k BTU FROM AC company. Mitsubishi- $7100
Daikin- $6200
These prices are me handling all the electric. Durastar has a one year warranty, Daikin 7 year. Mitsubishi 10. They are charging approximately $3500-$4000 for labor to do the most straight forward install. It's absolutely outrageous. I went with a Mr. Cool 18k BTU from Costco for $1500. Comes with a 5 year warranty with a DIY pre-charged lines. Had electrician run electric, $250. So for $1750 got a 18k BTU with a 5 year warranty for less than 1/3 the price of the AC companies. Don't even care if I have to replace the condenser every 5 years for this price.

Major Havoc says:

Whoever is narrating this video needs to take an English speaking class. Can't understand half of what's being said.

Jimmy Gordon says:

These are all disposable units. If a part breaks you are out of luck. Also good luck finding someone who will work on it. I turn down service calls on these things all the time. Had 1 customer get one that was shipped on its side ( reputable companies would never do that) anyway they hooked it up 2 days later it broke down. they said he would have to purchase a new unit. I solved the problem by installing a Mitsubishi !

Brett Bouley says:

This list is a joke. This is the real list. 1. Mitsubishi/Fujitsu. 2. Daikin 3. LG 4. Toshiba/Carrier. I’m not sure who made this list but they clearly don’t know mini splits or VRF.

Barry says:

Here’s how you rank them. 1) is there all the replacement parts available ? 2) is there technical support ? 3) is there a warranty you can exchange parts. Be prepared to throw the thing in the trash if you have problems

Jt Munn says:

You don't know what you're talking about my Mr cool 12000 bte 22 seer unit is 115 volt not 220

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