Best plumbing tools for plumbing use..must watch.

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1st one is not a pipe sharpner it is a pipe cutter

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1) pipe cutter –
2) telescopic pipe cutter –
3) adjustable spanner –
4) adjustable pipe wrench –
5) joint plier –
6) plunger –
7) hakshaw blade –
8) Allen key –
9) drain or chowckup rod –
10) wall chaser machine –
11) machine saw for big pipe cutter –
12) magnetic level –
13) screw driver –
14) measure tap –
15) hammer –
16) open spanner –
17) file set –
18) pressure testing machine –
19) hammer drill machine –
20) angle grinder machine –
21) core cutting machine –



Bhawesh Mishra says:

Pipe sharpener ke bare mein video dikhayen

Matthew Posey says:

That wasn't a Basin wrench at the end & you also miss labeled the reciprocating saw.

Aaqib Shah says:

1/2" and 3/4" nipple extractor kaha se milega india mai

Rajendra Singh says:

Good 👌🙏👍and thank you sir

Neha Dhaliwal says:

I sir pls yeh bta do all kit ka prize kia hai

Satish Kumar says:

Satish Kumar Choudhary

Mario Marionetas says:

What’s with the Tool names? , I understand this wasn’t created in North America, but still sounds like someone that has never grab a tool in his life…. I refuse to believe that this is the actual way the call then whether this is from.

Donkey IA says:

first tool you need is you brain. without it all you tools turn in a shit.

deepak Kumar says:

Hammer drill machine kon SA best h with reverse

Ahmad Zia says:

Wall chaser machine required

John The Plumber says:

I turned off the second they called a pipe slice a pipe sharpener on 16 seconds. And supposedly from a plumbing company 😂🤣

Sarath Kumar.k says:

Sk mean what bro

Anil kumar Rana says:

Bai corcating masian ka kea price he or kes company ke best he

shreepatrao kamde says:

What is use of core cutting machine and Basing wrench?

shreepatrao kamde says:

You should explain certain typical tools .What is use of sharpener?

Electrical tamiza tech says:

Intha protects working video upload pannunga sir

JLDM Vlog says:

I think it should be hacksaw instead of hackshaw.
I think it should be measure tape instead of measure tap.
I think it shoud be angle grinder machine instead of angle grander machine.

breaker & core cutting says:

Mashina chahia n 9113639712

Deepak P says:

opened spanners ki cost kya h aap sare ka price bhi dete to bada accha hota


Thanks a lot to learn in this video


Sir where did I get the pipe sharpener tool

MicroDips says:

When I started this video I felt like i was back in the old days of YouTube. Techno music everywhere and guides.

Mandeep Singh says:

Core cutting machine purchase ka link b dijiye

balaji maan says:

Sare tools ki link dedijiye sir

Ramesh Paswan says:

Bahut achi video hai

Arun Arun says:

Badhiya video Bhai

Plumbing Expert says:

Congratulation for 10k subscriber .

Dashrath Shidganesh says:

Well and good tools

Jayprakash Yadav says:

Best plumbing tools bhai


Bahuut badhiya bhai

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