Best Way To Use A Woodworking Router For Beginners!

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Best Way To Use A Woodworking Router For Beginners!

A total beginner guide on how to use a woodworking router the best way, which router to buy for specific purposes, woodworking router safety tips, and more!


Paul Sanabria says:

I just want to say …that's a nice piece of trim.. Thanks for the video. The kids in my group will be watching this soon. Will post it on Instagram when we do. Then I'll ask them what they want for the next educational tool video.

Paul rennie says:

Thanks for sharing great advice can I ask I have melamine board can I router it without it chipping

Kirk Muffie says:

Nice. Found you again! Somehow my sub got messed up. Just got a new router and I needed you Vic! Lol

Backtatt says:

Thanks Vince

Herre HHH says:

Thank you for sharing!

Alex says:

Just a quick note, make sure to route in the OPPOSITE direction that the router bit spins, unlike explained in this video. There is a time and place to climb cut (routing in the same direction) but do not follow the arrow on the router – VCG, you should correct that in the video.

Andre Noble says:

I think builders and construction workers are amazing service workers when you think about it.

richard lundy says:

Thank you for taking time to share. Us beginners need all the help we can get. You are the best. A+

Craig Nichols says:

Thank you very much for keeping it super simple!

Joe says:

Fortnite gaming will never be the same!

Vern Spence says:

I really enjoyed your show on using a router. You did a masterful job on getting the average person to learn how to use the router. Thank you

Hobby Organist says:

I have that same router, the kit with the plunge base, great deal!
I usually do a light climb cut first, because if you try cutting with the forward direction of the arrow all in one pass you very often can tear a chunk right out if the grain in the board happens to angle towards the edge.
Another option is use a larger bearing first, then switch to the smaller bearing and do it in 2 passes if there's any doubt about the grain direction.
That bearing people have to make sure will ride on the edge of the board, if it's too low or high there's little to stop it from digging right into the board.
Those bearings need to be checked a lot and lubricated, because they DO come apart, the bearings inside are so tiny, that when they wear out or burn up the whole thing comes apart and you might not even notice until your cut edge suddenly starts veering off into the board ruining it, keep them lubed, let the bearing cool between cuts, dont really PUSH hard against it either. The holding screw can also come loose so make sure its TIGHT!

CrossFitConfessions says:

Vince and VCG does some of the BEST videos for beginners and test for tradesmen.

The Andrews says:

Just got a router and your video DID subdue my concerns. Got to work safe to make gifts for my granddaughter for years to come. Thanks guys. Merry Christmas 2021!

ForeIndication says:

Great demo thank you, the edge guide would be another great demo for us n00bs : ). Keep up the great work.

Scott Darrow says:

Thanks Vince. Good introduction. Shopping for my 1st router. I'll be looking at larger units than I previously have. If you happen to see this could you recommend a couple of models? I understand this video was made quite some time ago so I get it if you don't see this comment. God Speed. ScottyD

M L says:

The place I come to when I need to learn something my father didn't teach me 😂. Appreciate it man

johnairborne173rd says:

This video helped me out a lot thank you very much very well explained thank you

Greatest Ever says:

Get yourself a skil, the router is a base router 10amp lowes has a nice deal on them this year

Peter Basmajian says:

Great job man!

Cornelius Agrippa says:

First time you use a router, its a scary tool, there is so much power close to your hands and face, but keep a firm grip and go steady and you soon build confidence.

Zulfikar Zulfikar says:

To much talking

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