Biggest 3d panel with CNC router

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Илья Буката says:

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Miroslav Nastasovic says:

what is the software that he uses??

Святослав says:

Класс 👍

Pratham Sharma says:

are you manufacturer ? if yes what is the costing for that particular machinery.

مراد ذياب says:

Please, I want this machine, how much does it cost?

Christopher Horwood says:

I’d love to know how to create the digital image this beast cuts out

Loic Fogue says:

please how to make such a door

Loic Fogue says:

Very very pretty … the complete realization of this door takes how long

Homemade Business Ideas says:

You have a really big machine. Great. One day I have to work on one.

Mats Lundberg says:

Dust collection could use some love..

Michał says:

OMG nice, send DXF of this plz 🙂

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