BREAKING! 14 New tools Announced from Milwaukee, RIDGID, and DeWALT!

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There are actually a LOT of tool announcements today, including a new Hammer Drill and Impact From RIDGID a Green Laser from @DEWALT TV and @Milwaukee Tool just announced 8 new hammers, 2 new axes and an M18 BABY CHAINSAW! Let’s go!

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Hatchet 8″ Pruning Saw Preorder:

Milwaukee Axes Preorder:

Milwaukee Hammers Preorder:

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NaRKLUTZ says:

Real question is when will Milwaukee come out with a tin hammer though??

Anoldo Castro says:

Batterry don't last

Joshua King says:

I'm waiting for the MX Fuel slabbing chainsaw.

Doug W says:

Had to like just because Sara said 'IT'S A BABY CHAINSAW!'

Dustin Castro says:

Sara is cute as fuck

chris l says:

the bigger milwaukee chainsaws even better.

Aaron Brandon says:

Might as well just announce the m18 baby chainsaw in every video going forward.. Not like you haven't mentioned it like 3-4 other times..?

Ronald Heak says:

Love it when Sarah makes me jump with her excitement for Milwaukee baby chainsaws lol.
Keep up the great work guys .

Sandy Masquith says:

M18 fuel baby chain saw!!!! It’s a mini-pro tool? Dang it Milwaukee!!! I must have it!

Mark Sloan says:

I love that they call it a pruning saw and then have video of it cutting 12"+ logs. LOL

ShotGunner5609 says:


Matthew Rivera says:

I love my m12 hatchet. Can't wait to spend even more money on the m18 one

Justice 4 All says:

But Sara give us time and we'll make you a dual M18 baby chainsaw

fabbro9 says:

Baby chainsaw squeals 😄

Nathaniel Bradley says:

I thought they already announced the M18 hatchet?

D. Sack 2 says:

But those hammers were announced weeks ago.

Drew Shafer says:

Baby Chainsaw!

bread says:

Well damn now I'm waiting for the gen 2 HP ryobi hammer drill, we ignore the fact that I've barely used my gen 1 HP hammer drill

Ben Fowler says:

Ok, I can get behind an m18 baby chainsaw. Glad I don’t have to justify the purchase 😂

TxVet 77 says:

That M18 baby chainsaw is screaming for a bigger bar/chain…10" or 12" possibly! lol

Wilfrido Bulbaai says:

But Sara, the m12 hatchet is smaller and cuter, no need for the m18.

Philly Fixed says:

2:12 is the person about to drive some drywall screws with a hammer?!

Mean O’ Dustino says:

Now if they would make a POLEA SAW ADAPTER 12’ for that saw I’d leave work right now and Buy it

M says:

Really, no tinner's hammer ?

Angel Flores says:


Kartboarder22G says:

Honestly looks like they took the M12 saw and modified the handle to accept M18 batteries

Irakly says:

Unbloody believable!

Danny Bolewski says:

Always love you guys

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