Build a CNC Plasma Cutter for under $1,000

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What’s up guys! Here is a overview video on how I built my CNC plasma cutter. I’m planning on doing several more detailed videos on this subject, but I wanted to start off with a cliffhanger to get some buzz going.

For the cutter itself I used the YesWelder Cut-55DS, if you want to purchase anything from the YesWelder website you can use Coupon code “Strange” at checkout for 10% off your purchase.

I’m running the controller from Mach3 via a parallel port, and I’m generating my G-code from Fusion360.

Setting up a CNC controller:

Building a metal CNC structure:

All of my hardware was purchased from eBay:
Sain Smart 5 axis CNC breakout board
external drivers
NEMA23 stepper motors (twin shaft)
8MM pillow block bearings
8MM flexible shaft couplers
8MM ACME screw (47″ long)

Steel is 2X2 angle, and 2X2 tubing for the legs, with 3″ swivel casters underneath. I did not build the bed yet, one thing at a time.


Peter Pawlak says:

Was that a wiener palm tree? Lol

Ebbrush3 says:

ah im a bending robot


How much did your plasma cost??? Nice video 💯

Y. Me says:

I love it. I am from Somalia, i want to build this. I have the plasma cutter, and i can get the angle steel. but I don't think I can get most of that equipment here
Specially the control system. And DHL is too much expensive. Perhaps if I win i will pay the shipping 😉

Joey Atilano says:

I would really love a details FAQ video about this. After seeing your cnc video I thought about building one but ended up buying a cnc. Now after knowing a little bit about cnc stuff I may want to build one of these.
Can you incorporate a Torch Height control on this?

LJ Prep says:

For your sucky problem, duct the intake downward OR 3DP/plasmacut a fan louver and install it.
Don't you want a water table under that lovely fire hazard, Strange? 😉
I got a Lotos LTP5000DP about 6 months ago and am getting ideas from youse guys today. Who knows if it can even work on a CNC table, but it's RF, too. Drat.

Scott's Metalworking says:

how do you get a plasma cutter as part of their marketing program thing?

beach bound says:

I have no idea what this guy is saying or doing but it is very cool and interesting.

Dylan Unrau says:

Did I see a Windows XP screen saver in the background? 🤣

kgeorgejunior says:

Great job man

TheMechanic says:

Maybe a stupid question, but do you wire the stop and start for the plasmacutter directly to the cnc-controller? Awesome build btw! Have been wanting to make a machine like this for many years.

Tim dontwannasay says:

Glad I found your channel! Thank you!

Ronald Ahl says:

G'day mate. I'm gunna take a guess and say, your excess consumable consumption could mean you need a decent air drier/filter between your compressor and plasma machine.

Jerry Blankenship says:

You did a good job explaining the plasma machine Think you

Old Guy Woodworks says:

Got plenty of time myself. Just no money.

Douglas Verkaik says:

Put a filter over that fan. 2 birds…

James Wisniewski says:

And what is the Argon for and where do you add it in? I thought they just used AIR?

James Wisniewski says:

Also, you can use a blowback start Plasma cutter as well… Earlier you mentioned the handle. for about $60-100 usd you can get a "straight" pen type plasma wand that is for CNC use. I'm not sure how universal they are, but I know they are made.

James Wisniewski says:

You can use a new computer and add a parallel port in via PCIE slot, or use a USB to Parallel adapter. Both solutions have benefits and drawbacks, however the PCIE solution is no different than the integrated solution that comes in older machines. USB is nice because you can quickly move it to another device if you have an issue, but drivers and com# can change.

Kiyoshi says:

this was an insanely in depth video! awesome build and thank you for all the hidden tips you found out during/after the build. Cuts look super clean too

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