Build a copper pipe Welding machines

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Making copper pipe welding machines from microwave transformer.
Homemade copper pipe welding machine with available materials


Minh Ka says:

Made in vietnam

san rom says:

Для чего он делает ступеньки на трубках?

Datta Wagh says:

Kitne voltage pe chalttahe bro

معتز الصوفي says:

No information about resestans and daiod ? Thangs🥰😘

Tracy Bowling says:

When I saw the short, I thought this should be a long, not a short! 😂

Mohammadzahir Shaikh says:

Can i weld two gelvenized wire?

Mohammadzahir Shaikh says:

Kitne volt ka transformer hai?

Юрій Скс says:

Я так понимаю что этот аппарат сделан для пайки медных труб ,вместо газовой горелки .Ток дешевле и без проблем.😉👍

ahmad zahrain says:

How about ampere for this stuff.?

Kenneth Mäki says:

How hot does it get? Only for tin? or will it be able to melt copper sticks?

Paul Decker says:

Did you leave the fan on to help keep the MOT cool?

Thambiah Pillai Sothilingam says:

one of the best project in you tube channal, thank you , and from the scrb meterials, supper

Tung Nguyen says:

Wow, great video. it's very helpful to me. Thanh you

philip keighley says:

Lol lighter for the shrink tube, rework heat gun for the stickers.

Homemade says:

exactly what i needed, thanks bro!

i stoped the WUHAN lab funding says:

Yy didnt i think of that 1

i stoped the WUHAN lab funding says:


Abhi Chauhan says:

Isme kitne volt bante hai

Hạnh Nguyễn says:

Very good, thanks you

Electrons says:

Wow its coll 👍🏻

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