Build a homemade horizontal router machine- (Part 1 of 2)

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Antonio Luiz Goncalves says:

O Sr. não postou a parte 2 final?

Rage of War says:

OMG, so funny, I made a horizontal router table just to trim EDGEBANDING lol. I wish I would have saw this video before I made mine. great set up James!!

equalibrium 789 says:

Good video but? Time planning, collecting wood, cutting and drilling, putting together and getting things wrong and finally finishing. I think Ill just buy one.

Naufrago Naufragado says:

No dejaste ni una sola herramienta en la tienda! Te las llevastes todas para decorar el taller!

Haensel Undgretel says:

You're quite a good explainer. I like that a lot compared to most people just showing what they do without any explanation or advantages.
Nice one, dude!

Dariush Milani says:

Great video and also great choice of music.

Alan Kita says:

I was wondering why you didn't make the arms for the table arc shaped instead of straight so that no matter where you mount the machine the arms would not hit the surface below it.

Nelson Rodriguez says:

How many sheets of 3/4 plywood do I need for the project. 4 x 8 sheets

William Howard says:

for hanger bolts i just double nut and run them in

John Doe says:

damn it. I just built one off another design.

John Doe says:

Very nice. Love all the tools in background.

Poupoule says:

Serait -il possible d'avoir les cotes elle plan s'il vous plaît merci

bad says:

Very very very compliqued….

AdamDerbent says:

Aww. But, the best part is music…

Suzy Wong says:

For height adjustment, wouldn't it be simpler to mount the router on an arm (sort of like a miter saw)?  You could build some kind of adjustable stop at the end of the arm.

David says:

we're do you purchase the blue aluminum rails from… eBay seems to only have non blue ones

Martin Herrera Linares says:

Subtitulos? X favor¡!!

D Dixon says:

Great, but the background music was killing me. If it is same on part 2, I'm just going to see how this thing works and race out of it.

المسا فر says:

Hi ! i like what you do til now good work …….and i love the music its very good choice it makes me more comfortable and focus when i listening to you thanks

simon lazarus says:

Do you have any plans for this ? love the draw slides idea !!

Patrick Lenz says:

Very cool. James

Muadibe says:

I want to be as good as you. Very nice work.

Mike Mackey says:

Have you got enough wooden planes on that shelf behind you ?

George Valencia says:

As usual from you dummies…….STUPID!

David Handley says:

Really excellent work Mr.Numbs. Off to part two now…

gary24752 says:

Do you have drawings of this of the horizontal router?

Dariush Milani says:

Well done. I also loved the music, great video and a great workshop.

Whitley WoodWorks says:

Nice Job Stumpy Looking Awesome……. Thank you for sharing

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