Building a CNC Router and Plasma Machine!

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One of the newest tools in Frank’s shop is a CNC Router Parts industrial-grade CNC cutting machine. This router and plasma cutter is actually a kit that you can put together, and we go through that process with the help of CNC Router Parts’ Drew Cairns. During the assembly, we learn how this machine was designed and see its capabilities in the making of some cool furniture! Next up, plasma cutting!

Find out more about the CNC Router Parts machine here:

Shot by Joey Fameli and Gunther Kirsch

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Tested is:
Adam Savage
Norman Chan
Simone Giertz
Joey Fameli
Kishore Hari
Frank Ippolito
Sean Charlesworth
Jeremy Williams
Gunther Kirsch
Ryan Kiser

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Dany Talloen says:

OMG, Han Solo got decapitated while frozen ???

Nathan Martin says:

Seems expensive on there site

sayeb salah says:

why didnt you make a full size water bed , lower it a bit and cover it with a full sized removeable router table?

Luke Tillotson says:

I wish I had 15k for one of these

Cornpop says:

I used to work for a major Japanese CNC mfg for machining, mainly metal. I have also worked with many other industrial CNC machines during my lengthy career. Every single one of them, considered the longitudinal direction, the X-axis. What they are calling the gantry, would be the Y-Axis. It's kind of tomAto tomato, but it just seems strange that these and some other router machines have X and Y swapped – VS the machining world. I will say that the structure and the mechanisms look really well done, for an extrusion based machine.

Another thing, the Japanese company I worked for made very large CNC mills (machining centers) which had ball screws for axes over 16ft and we had no issues with ball-screw whip. Why? Because those ball-screws were over 3" in diameter. They were also hollow and had chilled oil running through them. As well, they had followers, whose job it was to keep the ball-screw centered. I'm not saying he's wrong, just saying that what he said does not apply to all calibers of machine.

renderuthis says:

Ive been shopping and it looks like the parts cost more than a machine.

280zjammer says:

There's nothing but fake praise for the production of a commercial in the comments. And I came to see Adam. Not these ordinary idiots.

Weld ON says:

Im building copy of avid cnc combo .. 🙂

Юрий Семецкий says:

WTF? bla bla bla

Zach Lee says:

What are the details in the control panel i would like to build a simiar table

squidskunk says:

its been a few years now…are you guys going to upload an updated video on the Avid CNC..?

for Makers says:

Thank you for the helpful video.

FrustratedBaboon says:

Thanks for the video. It will help me build my own.

AlpsCNC says:

real cool cnc router. i search for a workshop today. if i find one i build also a cnc Machine. this times i make with a little Laser Cutter und a Diy 3d printer some projects. but my channel very litte at the beginning. i hope i can make some cool vid. like yours 🙂

Floyd Darryl says:

How do I get a machine like this

David A Loving says:

I am interested in a SMALL hobby cnc machine that would make little circuit boards (4" X 5" biggest) on one sided copper/ fiberglass. Do you have any suggestions? Please keep them under $ 800..Thanks.

Steven Livingston says:

Can you send a web site
For purchase

AgentMrBig says:

I guess its now Avid cnc. The machines are WAY overpriced. Just source the parts yourself and build one. OR Langamire systems has a plasma cnc about half the price.

Eric Renner says:

I am installing a very similar system. Can you tell me how you were able to get the dust covers between the two z-axis installed without taking any of the z-axis' apart?

Hamd Ada says:

hi cv i saw all your video and i love this machine i am a carpenter in morocco can i ask you for all the accessories from AaZ for 1m / 2m cnc machines. thank you and send me the total price of all accessories thank you very much for your time to explain to us

Hamd Ada says:

salut cv j'ai vu tout ce que vous vidéo et j'adore cette machine je suis un menuisier au maroc est-ce que je peux vous demander tous les accessoires de AaZ des machines cnc de 1m/2m. merci et envoyez-moi le prix total de tous les accessoires merci beaucoup pour votre temps pour nous expliquer

arthur horwedel says:

Great questions and Drew was excellent at explaining. Thanks guys

Mike Kuhnkey says:

So, This was a "one-time" build that never made it into a popular configuration? Where did it go? Priced it out at little under $18K!

Enrique Gonzalez says:

Why to use that kind of "lego" pieces to assembly this kind of machines???

Barada Guitars says:

I had to watch 4 Ads to be able to watch this ad !!

Server Surfer says:

Norm: So, now you have to calibrate it?
Drew: spends four minutes explaining the calibration process
Norm: Okay, so… yes, you have to calibrate it. nods understandingly

daniel butts says:

What are the advantages of using a belt drive versus a direct drive from a stepper motor?

Artnovetor says:

Muito bom parabéns 👏👏👏

besi art says:

For 15k you can do better, way better cnc’s out there ,problem is probably the support because of china.

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