Buying A Sheet Metal Brake!! HVAC Tools

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Fieldpiece SC480 Meter:

Fieldpiece SC680 Meter:

Fieldpiece Job Link HVACR Charge & Air Kit:

Fieldpiece SM380V Digital Manifold:

Veto ProPac Tech MCT Tool Bag:

Supco Magnetic Umbrella:

Solderweld HVAC Brazing Pack:

Solderweld Hot Block Putty:

Navac 2cfm Battery Operated Vacuum Pump:

Accutools BluVac Micron Gauge:

Accutools TruBlu Evacuation Kit:

Veto ProPac LC Tool Bag:

Veto ProPac MC Tool Bag:

Fieldpiece Job Link Pressure Probe:

Appion 1/2″ Hose:

Appion 3/8″ Hose:

AccuTools Core Removal Tool:

Malco Sheet Metal Snips (Left Cut):

Malco Sheet Metal Snips (Right Cut):

Malco Sheet Metal Snips (Bulldogs):

Malco Sheet Metal Snips:

Malco Turbo Shear Cutter:

Malco Sheet Metal Hole Cutter:

Malco Flex Duct Cutter:

Malco Panduit Gun:

Malco Sheet Metal Hammer:—11-Leather-Gripped.html?affid=38

Malco Turbo Crimper:

Malco Sheet Metal Pipe Crimper:—Sheet-Metal-Pipe-Crimper-With-1-58-in-Throat-Depth.html?affid=38

Malco Reversible Hex Driver:

Malco 24″ hand bender:

It’s my birthday weekend! I’m going camping/riding and I need to get prepped for next weeks projects. Come hang out me with while I buy a sheet metal brake, pick up 10 sheets of metal to prepare for a duct job. Hope you enjoy the video!!

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I never let Lowes or homedepot or watever forklift owener come 2 ft close to My trailers they Will destroy your sh!t trying to save some strenght

Haddan Elliott says:

I am kind of intimidated for becoming a hvacr tech after watching how easy you make hvac easy, anybody any tips for me going into this trade a a noobie ,would be much appreciated.

RaySteady says:

Wow, just got done watching your plenum video and this came up. Look into bending your own Pittsburgh edges and quarter edges so you can knock the plenums together. Will save $ on Those S-locks and produce a higher quality, stiffer piece.

Ty Harvey says:

8:24 lol

Florida Brian says:

Looking forward to see how you fabricate the sheet metal ducts.
P.S. You took it a lot better than I would have when the fork lift guy busted up your trailer. Your NEW trailer… Just saying

Frank Finkelman says:

Happy birthday brotha

Rolando Vargas says:


gonzalo fandino says:

Happy birthday man! Have a great weekend

Jake Holcombe says:

Where you riding at?

A/C SuperCool says:

I got a 4' break in the shed I have never used in over 10 years. What did you pay for it??? I never understood why you would get a ramp trailer when your gonna be loading stuff with a fork lift…

Lawrence Etsitty says:

Happy Birthday hopefully you are blessed with good health and good Fortune

Hellcat 420 says:

happy birthday cant wait for the mini split set-up

SirFishAlot says:

You better have a 2 smoke or we can't be friends 😂😂

Thomas Peppernick says:

Hey man happy birthday! So couple questions, do you always just turn your scrap in like that or do you disassemble it? And how do you like working out of a truck and trailer vs a work truck? Truck I have now has just been giving me all sorts of problems and I’ve been leaning towards the idea of the set up you have!

Shimon Vizgan says:

Happy birthday

charles davis says:

t is easy to see you love your career choice and do it correctly. I wish I knew you when I had my heat pump installed, they seem to care less, one guy cussed at me, threatened me, I am 71 I don't fight anymore but will always protect myself. I went to another company to just have an inspection done. Well he found both pressure valve wires were completely cut, wrong size copper tubing used on the outside from the Air Handler to the filter dryer. I blame this of course on the installers, but the guys that did the service calls were also to blame for not even trying to fix problems, they had to install 3 compressors which includes the original new one. I think they wasted a lot of Trane's money by not finding the real problem that was causing the compressors to not work properly. This all started about a year ago and is still the problems I listed above found by the service Tech from another company. Of course I had to pay him for the inspection and will probably pay to have it all fixed. I have no intention to go back to the other company. Oh did I forget he found a lot of pressure problems on his testing device, a lot I think from the pressure valves being completely cut, the high and the low. I can't get a hold of Trane except for customer service that say they don't deal with those issues!!!! That is why I can appreciate your desire to do the job, but correctly. It is full of a lot of things that have to work together.

69PlombierChauffagiste Ramoneur Lyonnais says:


Charles Ansman says:

This younger generation ! The blind leading the blind

Peter A says:

Happy Birthday 🎂

tommy 554 says:

Sounds fun for b day bro happy b day also ahem Memorial Day! Extremely important to me and I am on call

Uriel Sosa says:

Hi, friend. I still want the air conditioning. I am from Puebla Mexico. Your channel has inspired me to be better at work, I admire your work bro

Jose Dela rosa says:

always happened to me when they loaded anything to my trailer I feel like they're very inexperienced people driving forklift or maybe don't care

sotiris grig says:

Πολύχρονος με υγεία φίλε!Αυτός ο χειριστής κλαρκ είναι για κλάματα!

Winston Wright says:

As someone who drove a forklift for many years…. he's an idiot! Inexcusable to damage your equipment. That sux. Anyway, happy birthday, sir. Have a good one!!

HIKMICRO Thermography says:

Happy birthday Mate!! Enjoy your weekend!

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