Buying CNC Machines: Advice & Mistakes to avoid!

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Let’s walk through advice on selecting, optioning, planning, and negotiating to buy a CNC machine!

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NYC CNC says:

Thanks everyone for a great stream! If I didn't get to your question or there are specific topics for videos you'd like to see, please leave them in the comments below!

RadicalErin says:

On buying a machine barebones vs loaded, it's worth noting: buying it outright might be worth saving on, but if you're getting a loan, you may as well get the features that are hard or impossible to add later, and just use them to get value back. For example, you might think you don't need a tool changer, but once it's time to start running a bunch of stuff, you … need it, in order to not babysit the machine. Just get it at the start, and let that extra efficiency be the value it provides that helps it pay for itself.

Ivan’s Country Music and Cars says:

Does Shop Sabre negotiate on price?

Para Dox says:

Do you have a video that talks about your experience starting off with a tormach? No matter how much I read I feel like the tormach would be the best starting point for myself. Though I would love to hear details on your experiences on that very route. Thank you so kuch for making these videos!

Espresso Veins says:

I want to make guitars, ukuleles, fine print and art engraving on my woodwork and get into signage as a business. Which CNC should I buy?

mr says:

Used machines are a tricky topic, we have bought a electronic pick and place machine used – it turned out the machine itself was almost okay but even after a direct service from the original company they poorly assembled an upgrade and the software was terrible not made for pick and placing components (due to poor optical recognition) and the business owners were about to retire… so they just dumped everything (as we were in bad need of it and it was overpriced) we started to reverse engineer it… finally we can build everything ourself we also got into machining (basic level, but we're working with converted cheap Chinese machines, extreme precision parts are manufactured externally).

Considering the things we've learned from converting manual machines, those — no all — machines wear … and need maintenance used machines might not have got that love. And since we had no machining experience before we did not really care about those topics either ).
Now we have set up another business in Taiwan and other topics are coming up, eg corrosion (we can handle it but it's a topic on the table that would have never exist in central Europe).

I'm not sure if I'd buy Tormach or rather build it myself, software and electronic experience is there, machining experience is increasing.

Thanks for your valuable videos

Grega Krajnčič says:

Any thoughs on Doosan PUMA 2100LYSii ?

Crivo152 says:

Good video John. Ciao, Marco.

RMB Racing Inc says:

We definitely are the horror story of dealing with HAAS Midwest. We have our first and last HAAS in our shop. Their service is pathetic and I am really surprised you have had such good luck but my guess it is because of the channel. We were quoted 1500 just for HAAS to show up at our shop. That is ridiculous just for travel. We went over a month calling the parts department leaving messages and to this day not one person called back. I am not sure who we will go with next. Thinking Hurco but definitely not HAAS. Great video John. Guys really need this help. It has helped us.

qwerty says:

How about covering the other side as well, selling (or other means of getting rid of) machines and equipment that you have and don't want anymore?

James Neff says:

Hello NYC CNC. Wanting to see a video on your plasma table. I was at one of your open house events right before you got your JD squared table. I'm looking at purchasing one and would like some real input from a customer.

Octane Workholding says:

Great information.

Q5Grafx says:

you are the reason i have gotten into cnc machining. my entire machine would probably fit on the work playform of one of your tormachs but im learning finally what i have been fascinated by for years now. im running a massively modified 3018. i upgraded all the motors, e-stops, z axis is all metal and all motors were recently converted to closed loop. everything i had done was to achieve 1 thing accuracy and repeatability. im looking into either a 6090 or a 1012 next and it will be a kit again. im wanting a frame and then put all the parts i like into it. It takes longer this way but in the building process i learn things about the setup i might not if it were completely built already. I got into this because i got tired of spending money on gifts for my grandkids that have broken before the party is over and i eventually want to make simple parts for my harley.

colin p says:

i have a question that could turn into a video for you … is it possible to turn a bell that comes off the machine tuned to pitch?

Chub Tastic says:

Fadal with Fanuc control is solid! We have 2 of them and are supper reliable. We are a mold shop and they do a great job surfacing.

ricardo 321 says:

The predicament I'm in is we are all ways have the proverbial carrot dangled, I run a Harrison 460t with off line basic as basic alpha programming and a manual quick change tool post and a bridgeport s2 interact 4 with manual tool change well the problem I got is a part has come in which needs a lathe with twim spindle and twin turret and at least 10 driven tools 81mm bar feeder, I spoke to doosan and a tooled up machine is £350k, I have either got to go all in and hope to god or I stick with being a toolmaker and running my basic cnc and a whole range of manual machines, I spend most of my time working on shit Chinese tools and modifying them to work or even just getting them to run in a press. My overall fear is when we have the carrot dangled the customer never wants to sign a minimum part contract even though they say I buy 30k parts a year, in my head there's no way I could compete against a fully tooled up sliding head shop but my Hart says oooooo that's a nice machine, I can manage and make a wage on how I run the business I don't owe a penny on any machine anymore and with the continuing crap coming from China do want to saddle myself with debt or do I say bring it on China.

tc ratius says:

One thing that pops into my mind as a home hobbyist who would like it to be a side hustle is noise. It is hard to know how loud it will be in my garage as happy neighbours happy life. And I hear you buying your first machine is stressful.

Kaleb Israel says:

Bought a Shapeoko 3 XXL and I regret it every time I have to look at it. I wish I knew when I was shopping what I know now. I badly wish I saved up some extra money to get a more rigid machine with linear rails and ball screw instead of v wheels and belts. This thing just doesn't come close to meeting my expectations of what I thought a $2000 CNC could do. Now I know better and realize this is a budget CNC not made for any serious work, but instead something to learn on and maybe make some wood wall décor that doesn't require tight tolerances.

Daniel Roznowski says:

Request if u do another live stream. Swap your video with the computer screen.

Adrian Müller says:

Unless you're paying big bucks for extended support, you really shouldn't have computers running Windows 7 connected to the Internet anymore BTW

Make or Break says:

Almost more adverts then content

S PACE says:

Looking to get a Tormach 770 leaning towards 1100. What I'm struggling with is beginning tool set. Minimum requirements outside of end mills, vise, parallels, haimer, …..what else do I need. Thanks

Olivier Vincent says:

thank you, I got stuck looking at the top right 3 inch by 2 inch screen on my laptop 😀 the rest of the screen didn't move much! Thank you it was very interesting

Martin Hulse says:

covid whats that is it still a thing

HzMeister says:

Bruh, what kind of idiot starts a live stream in the middle of a running shop?? Do you not understand how audio works?

Brian Beck says:

Thanks for all that you do John.

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