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Tools can be extremely expensive so is there a cheaper alternative? We’re sure many of you will have heard of the famous… The website appears to have some really great products but are they really as good as they look 🤔 Artisan Tools From Wish Special coming right up.

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00:00 Expensive Tools
00:38 Three Weeks Ago
01:32 Ordering Some Tools
05:26 The Basket
06:16 Reubens Present
06:56 Three Weeks Later
07:24 Hand Tools
09:30 Power Testing
11:40 Measuring
13:37 Rolex
14:56 Genuine BOSCH
16:16 Egg Shaker
17:16 On-Site
18:33 I Promise It’s Real
20:10 Would You Trust This?
22:31 The Conclusion

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Artisan Electrics says:

15,000 Likes and we'll buy Reuben a real Rolex… ⌚

samo jedan says:

Buying those shitty products means: monetary support for China and ruining environment. But if you have money to waste, I will give my bank account number. Reuben got humiliated again.

R B says:

I noticed you were using a cheap clampmeter doing fault finding on a boiler then testing with a Fluke 165x series. Personally even Kewtech are better than Fluke (Fluke bought Robin and all staff left to set up Kewtech). Megger are good as well and very helpful with warranty repairs as well as out of warranty repairs. I would recommend Fluke multimeters and clampmeters. I'm an engineer and NEVER buy cheap tools or equipment. I always check all equipment and associated cables I am servicing before applying power, you get one life. I get a sparky to do any wiring for me at work or home even though I did electrical engineering and electronics at college but regulations change.

M Kay says:

good review, I think you need to try some of their power tools. try their drill/impac/saw/planers. they are brushless and they are actually not that bad.

Kevin says:

I think you should outfit a van with the wish tools. leave it unsecured and someone will rob that one. they'll die the first time using the garbage tools and then there's one less van thief

Graeme Hart says:

I'm appalled at the terrible waste towards the end of this.

You could have used all those batteries in some real tools. 🤣

Alpa Chino says:

18:33 This is the look of genuine gratitude… Reuben if you're reading this, I swear if I was rich enough I'd actually buy you a real Rolex, I'm not even kidding…

Debbiebabe69 says:

The thing is, 99.99% of people dont mess with mains voltage, in fact the most volts most people 'mess' with is three point six – 12 at a maximum. If all you need is a meter to fix your three year old daughter's 'Shark Attack' game (runs on one AA battery) that you suspect the motor is wired up the wrong way (a common complaint with this particular cheaply made game), then a 'death trap' meter is perfectly fine.
The real 'suckers' are the ones who purchase a £300 multimeter to fix the aforementioned £4 game, use it once, then throw it into the back of a cupboard never to be seen again.

Heinrich Böhme says:

Great video! Try pronouncing the brand names correctly

Revlouch says:

First time viewer, almost left when you dropped the inverter welder just cuz that was prolly the best one content wise. Then got a knock off watch for almost the same price? Man idk if I’ll be back XD still 10 minutes to save me I guess

Olivier Nicole says:

You get what you pay for. There are good products coming from China, but they are not stupidly cheap.

E Foster says:

Can you share some info on the pants you are wearing?

daniel90009 says:

I think you need to buy poor Ruben a real rolex at the end of his apprenticeship for this


The arc welder would've made this video interesting..

Paul Hughes says:

They mean laser radiation

Leod McAbre says:

Aren't we at the point where people only make WISH videos when something accidentally works?

Liam Morris says:

Cheaper alternative? You paid more than what you would of in screwfix for most the crap you bought! xD

TheLewisize says:

I thought the thumbnail was Elvis Presley

drEmulatorMadmax says:

@17:41 noooooooooo you can't say they are better than Draper nooooooooo😂🤣😂😛

Kosik says:

I had once uncle that used welder from wish and as u can guess i don’t have uncle anymore 🤷🏼‍♂️

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