Buying your first CNC Machine and what you should ABSOLUTLY KNOW before you buy yours!

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So you are thinking of purchasing your first CNC Machine to make a little extra money on the side? Well, hold up before you spend that money and watch this video as it will tell you exactly what to expect before buying your first CNC Machine



jackiepcan7 says:

I have 2 glowforge machines, 1 is a pro with a passthrough slot but it sucks has alignment issues all I want a cnc for is to cut large names for backdrops or large wood rounds. Is that something I can do with this cnc without the expensive software ?

All my engravings and small projects glowforge does great for

androidfarmer says:

You lost me at the other software costing $3000.

Emily Cox says:

These machines do NOT come with the router????

Mz says:

hey thanks for ur video may I ask if this machines can be used for flexiglass ?

Robert Theurer says:

I appreciate your take because I’m at the beginning stages of studying these machines in order to make the right purchase. Robert in Wisconsin

The right Sound says:

thanks for the advice

6xcchamber says:

Thank you, every bit of help is needed.
Seriously looking at a unit and have always thought it is better to buy a better quality because Like you Said " You will trying to sell yours" and we all know people will try and get it for pennies on the dollar.
Thank you!

DaHighRoad says:

Treat your cheaper bits with a liquid nitrogen bath

Ray Davis says:

Thanks for the Video, great advice. do we need the Mike filter hiding your face?

Abraham Lincoln says:

My only problem is having the funds for the larger machine. My big question is how long it will take to earn enough from a smaller one to afford a bigger one?

Charles Collier says:

what kind of software do you use? I was looking at vetric pro but thats 700.00 bucks. I don’t know if I need to spend that kind of money just starting out.. Look forward to hearing from you..

nick riker says:

Yeah definitely that was a great video. Not trying to scare anyone away but making everyone aware.

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