Can you Make a MILLION dollars with a CNC at HOME?

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In the world of CNC there are so many ways to earn an income. I wanted to make a video for folks who are interested in CNC and explore the earning potential that having a machine in a small shop.
There are so many variables and opportunities in the CNC world and there is no way to cover even a fraction of them in a 10 minute video. So, today I picked 5 popular uses for a CNC and talk about the earning potential of those five topics. And ask the question Can 220-volt CNC make a million dollars a year.

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Adam Bretey says:

Hey Izzy Great Video and I really appreciate your advice you put out for us slowly moving into the CNC world..I am about to jump in and purchase my first machine and you definitely hit on some things for me to move forward. I am a new subscriber to your channel and I really enjoyed the video and looking forward to following your channel. Thanks Adam B

Brandon Burkey says:

Izzy thank you for all the info, I purchased my first CNC for making templates for parts that I would manufacture elsewhere. I do have a question while doing so we also made some products out of EVA. Creating a nice clean design with no fur using EVA really seemed to require a lot of bits. I have around 80 bits that would be perfect for wood material. Is there a market for used bits and if so could you point me in a direction. All the bits are from McMaster-Carr and the CNC machine I use is a Camaster Stinger III.

T R says:

Thanks so much for this clear eyed view of this potential. Very much appreciated.

Kevin Hamill says:

Excellent Video…thanks so much…I am debating on buying a CNC machine…maybe a quarter size of what you have…and you just supplied me excellent info to help me with that. thanks again.

Achilles Kapsalis says:

What does it take to learn how to operate this machine?

Karl Steutermann says:

I really enjoyed this video. As a mechanical engineer and someone who had a small (10”x18”) CNC 15 years ago, I was very interested. I tried doing wall plaques and, as you mention, it just didn’t work. I’m open to slab flattening and signs though if I went and bought a bigger machine. Having said that, I’m an engineer and no salesman. Any advice for an introvert bookworm type on getting sales for a CNC?

Allen Huckabee says:

Very good info. Fixing to buy a very small one to support my wood working hobby. Did not consider signage. Thanks

Jo Karpo says:

Dude who would have a bad comment to this guy ? People are fucked man your a beast I was sleeping on this trade thanks brother

Barry Gilbert says:

Did not realize you were local. Would love to come and hangout sometime. Thanks for the video.

bestYouTuberNoneGraterNumber1 says:

Awesome video.

bestYouTuberNoneGraterNumber1 says:


Steve Clark says:

Hi guys. I just purchased my first cnc router a Fox Allen Masuter pro. I bought the 3018 and opened it and looked at it and sent it back instantly. My friend has a massive cnc. I was given a diagnoses of a terminal illness and I beat it. God thank you. Well I died and went without oxygen for 4.5 miniutes and lost a 47 years mechanic skill its gone. so I am wood working and I really don't know what to do or where to start. I really need some help. I will be watching your vids, thanks guys

tony wilkinson says:

You should mention the fact that you work for the company that imports these. If that's because you believe in the product, you should mention it. If you already worked for the company when you bought this machine, I find it unlikely you paid retail. Either way, you should explain it.

SteadySlugn' says:

The 3d carving has been alright for me.

Phil says:

I want to start my own CNC shop, but I am terrified of it.

Is it possible that I start a shop and I can't make enough money to make a decent living? What are the chances, really?

My professor friend is getting rid of three CNC mills, and I could take them and start a business basically for material cost right now. I am a mechanical engineer by trade, and I wonder if I should get more experience there first.

Myers Woodshop says:

It does, and CNC rocks!

Brizzle says:

Cool channel you got here Izzy.

Thomas Ferns says:

Great watch. Thanks for sharing 👏

silas acquah says:

I have the CNC machine I thought of making money out of carving but, you have made the reality known to me, honestly I wasn't getting much profit from it

Daniel Ray says:

Thank you! just got a Avid 5×10, you've got to start somewhere.

charles johnson says:

Izzy, might want to check your account. It appears like you may have been hacked by an imposter. See the reply to my comment (3months ago). looks suspicious

Anthony Ward says:

I'm a machinist. I just subscribed ☺

Car Ramrod82 says:

If you have the work they will make you $$. It’s that simple…but getting work isn’t easy.

Ryan says:

One thing you didn't really point out even though In a round about way you did. Is that with decent effort you can make enough money plus some to pay for the CNC in one year.

Matt Pictaggi says:

How and where do people find clients?

Christian Slater says:

Not to many people can afford this machine. This is out of the realm of realistic purchases for your everyday small wood worker.
Video should state for the high dollar wood working shops, not the average Joe.

Was this your first cnc machine?

Phillip M says:

You are a good guy, thanks for doing what you do

Tony Edrington says:

Looking to get into cnc for signs and cutouts

Larry S. Shannon says:

Hey, when you are talking orices and possible per hour charge; is that U.S or Canadian Currency? Thanks.

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