China CNC machine manufacturer CNC equipments factory

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SDSK is a professional CNC equipments manufacturer over 10 years located in Shenzhen of China.

we main produce CNC milling, engraving,carving,drilling,machining center machines, especial in customized CNC machines area with full experience.
our products widely use for aluminum, coppar, metal, plastic, wooden, stone, SS and so on material CNC working.

welcome to contact with us for more inforamtions and visit at any time.

websit :
whatapp/ cell/ wechat :+86-18824232105
email :


Modern Balisong says:

People argue that people are slaved away in Factories like this but they would be completely wrong

pixelion says:

They remove the table and all equipment from the machine ,so they can take a video of their machine.
What a shame

Grampa1999 says:

I would not buy anything from China CNC store very poor support no instructions with laser

Ratan Rockstar says:

What does this machine manufacturer

Ajay raj Yaduvanshi says:

Send your mobile number

Ridho Wildan says:

😘🤭🐉❤️.Me alone mom..9Dragon

Along…..KakLong Alone

Sayed Khorsed says:

I need to make some parts.. Can i get yiur wechat id..??

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