Clarke 3 in 1 Universal Sheet Metal Machine

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3 in 1 universal sheet metal machine. These are versatile, heavy duty machines that can be used to cut, roll and brake (bend) sheet metal.


cyclebuster says:

bought a new one at an auction for $60

Harish Sethi says:

Pls forward details & price on +919829722556 whats app no.

David Connors says:

Got this from harbor Freight Tools 10 years ago. Used it today. Chinese stuff.

Felix Cat says:

Having only just discovered this machine, I think it perfect for the home workshop, specifically my home workshop!

I think that I'll be calling in on Machine Mart this weekend.

Irfan Nasir says:


Irfan Nasir says:


Eli Percival says:

They all look the same to me making it look like a label slapping thing is the most possible thing so no matter what brand you get you will get the same thing!!!!!!!!!! So in this case buy from Harbor Freight do not pay for a brand name!!!!!!!!!!!!!

enerilove1 says:

This is NICE !!!!☺

barlow2976 says:

If you live any distance from their stores think twice about buying, as you'll have to return the item to the store if there's a problem. I've just had a three hour return trip because my pillar drill was dented, and the switch box was hanging off. I've spent nearly a thousand pounds there this month, and two power tools had defects, along with three other items. No quality control or goods inspection by the look of it.

José Luis Esquivel says:

soy de mexico cual es el costo

jimandjackandhank says:

Damn British measurements


Like. Price

Wilmar Agúirre says:

I like one….

Haresh Rajkot says:

1 mm 2mm 3mm bend cating

Gareth Johnston says:

got this same machine myself. quite good.

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