CNC Basics – Make Your First Cut

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In this video I will walk you through some very simple steps to make your first cuts on a CNC machine. In February I got the Axiom AR8 Pro from my good friend Jay Bates and I was so incredibly intimidated by the machine. I didn’t know where to even begin or how to begin. I want to share my experiences in learning how to use this amazing machine in the hopes to help out some of you that may be in the same boat. I really look forward to learning more and more about this Axiom CNC and sharing everything I can. Be on the lookout for more videos to come.

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Camera and Audio Equipment I Use:

Canon 90D –
Canon 10-18mm Lens –
Rode Wireless Go –
Sigma 18-35 f1.8 Lens –
Neewer Monitor –

Time Stamps

0:00 Intro
2:36 Items being used for CNC cut
3:33 V Carve Pro demo for CNC cut
6:03 Save an engraving tool path in V Carve Pro
7:22 Preview tool path in V Carve Pro
9:23 Clamping workpiece to CNC machine
9:56 Reference points on CNC machine
11:57 Homing the CNC machine
13:36 Setting the bit using the puck
14.55 Starting the cut on the CNC machine
16:43 Result of the CNC cut
17:14 Closing


This old man says:

Hi. I hope your still looking at comments. I’ve only just started exploring the why’s and wherefores of cnc wood working. My first question: I have an old laptop with windows XP. Will the program’s needed (I believe there are at least 3) to design, code and operate a CNC machine run on my this laptop?

Ian Moore says:

help I made a good 3 axis cnc mill/router, it has a mach3 usb interface, i can manually jog it with mach3. what free design/drawing program can i use and then convert to gcode for mach3 to run the machine? only want 2.5 axis to cut simple parts cutting or up and not cutting. example a 5cmx5cm square with rounded corners with a 3mm hole in each corner.

:Anthony-William: Leach. says:

Awesome video man, thanks.

Stephen Dixon says:

Thank you for taking us along for the ride and covering the more basic stuff that other’s assumed everyone already knows (when we don’t !). Anyhow, in case you didn’t already figure this out – when you go to the Preview Toolpath and you click the “Play” button, there’s also a play speed slider which you can use to reduce the playback speed to something that the human eye can actually keep up with. Unfortunately, most computers are so powerful these days that features like this play sooooooo quickly that you barely even notice that you missed the action. Not sure if this was of any use, but hope so 👍

AryIuTub says:

Hi, I think we cannot see the pop-up windows because when doing the record, you probably selected a specific window or app instead of recording the entire desktop. You can "fix" this by recording a selected area. Before starting the recording, ensure no pop-up will appear in the middle of the session 😁.
Regarding CNC, I would like to buy one machine to cut "big" laminated MDF boards, like 4×8. Do you have any recommendations? This is the most challenging part for someone without experience in CNC. For sure, I'll find from 5k to 30ks, right?

Rosa Martinez-Zelaya says:

hello i have a cnc and i am using it to build cabinets. i designed a kitchen on a program generated a g code but the machine is only working in a very small section in a corner. it thinks its moving around the whole table but its not. ever run into a problem like that?

BuildGUY says:

Just desgined my own 3d printed CNC.

chris prince ranch says:

Man O Man, you covered some of the basic starting areas that I struggle to find help with. I am so grateful you decided to make this video. I’ve been holding off on purchasing a CNC machine due to not knowing what you just covered. again thank you so much.

Malik Ahmad says:

Thx great learning curve

Austin JT says:

Do you have an online class?

Felix Ikhienarolor says:

Am very excited to see this video. I have a cnc machine in my office but av never thought of getting close to know how it works. I would get involved straight. Lot of thanks

Ronald Schmidt says:

Hi. Found this video very helpful. Thank you. Do you have any other videos for the axiom? It is the same machine I just bought

Kapila Patikiriachchige says:

I bought a CNC Machine and have been sitting inside for more than one year. because complicated. Entertaining video.

Brian Bast says:

I have a pro am not perfect with it by any means. That being said try this. Put your puck under bit press menu on/off. I also screwed down 3/4 press board to my work table. Leveled it with 1-1/4 bit there is a program for that. I did that so when I cut through a project I didn't cut work table and I screw down projects.

Allan Brallan says:

This Is exacly what Im thinking about. All those videos on YT that says for "absolute beginners". Fu*k them I didn´t understand a thing. Yours was awesome.

Gary OBrien says:

How did you figure out the setup that the wood was laying on?
Did you run a cnc program and design slates or what formula did you follow

Phil Samples says:

Jason, I like the spoilboard on your video, can you provide details of that particular setup? Thanks!

moses gutierrez says:

This was great thank you. I have been hesitant to start but always found it fascinating and scary at the same time.

Dan O'Brien says:

Ironic…you, actually "brushed over" something I was watching this video for…

Lewis Bailey says:

Love this thanks for this simple but great
is there any good free software to start off with or is the v carve trial any good?

Thanks again

James Southworth says:

Thanks so much for making this video! I have been watching CNC videos for the past week and this one has been the most helpful. Thanks for getting me started!

Đorđe Balaban says:

Nice video, man, thanks. There is small problem for me- I don'h have a "set tool" buton on my remote control 🙂

George Kenner says:

Great video…

Your Uncle Sam says:

Hi Bent's…Very good video, well explained. But I have a question I bought a cnc from ebay is 3018 cnc engraving machine. This software is compatible for this mini-engraving machine. Thank you in advance for your answer.

Chris Meyer says:

Outstanding! I felt exactly as you said. They skip over the ultra basics. Thank you!

Damien Callaghan says:

Like the intro answered alot of questions

Jav says:

THAT is a great idea to Zero a few spots and mark them !!! thanks for the hint

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