CNC Basics – What You Need To Get Started

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CNC Routers for Hobbyists can be intimidating! In this video, I’ll cover all the CNC basics that you must know before being able to run the machine. This includes CAD, CAM, Feeds and Speeds, Toolpaths, G-code, and setting up the machine.
My Hobby CNC:

Surfacing Bit –
Starter Set (8 Piece) –
1/4″ End Mill (most common) –
Double-Sided CNC Tape –
48″ T-track –
T-track Clamps –
DeWalt 611 Router –

0:00 – CNC basics overview
0:39 – 3 common steps
1:13 – What is CAD?
2:00 – 3 different cutting strategies
3:05 – What is CAM?
4:11 – Speed and Feed explained
5:04 – What is a toolpath?
6:20 – What is G-Code?
7:24 – Getting the g-code to the machine
7:55 – Setting up the machine


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Ilham Darni says:

This was recommended by my basic mechanical practice course professor 😁

WhisperingWindow says:

lmfao. The "ice cream" emoji…

Venkata Ramayya says:

How about using FreeCad for all three steps of CNC Manufacturing???

Bruce Le Smith says:

As everyone else said, this is very clearly explained in plain language, and that is probably a more difficult feat than running a CNC! Thank you

Comgrow Official says:

Wow, so much information in just a few minutes! So cool and informative!! Love it!!!🥰

Jose Luis Ruiz says:

I'm interested in ordering one of these but I'm confused with the ordering process with all the options available. I would like to stick with dewalt if possible, I have a Dewalt DW618 but don't mind buying a DW611. What MM size do I need to chose for this option. I sincerely apologize for asking this buy I'm very new to the CNC world and have been looking for the right choice, 7 months later I still find the one you featured here to be the best choice. My other concern is size. My table that I have is 24" depth from the wall of my basement to the edge of the table where I would like to place this unit. Would you happen. Yo have a 24" x 30" wide unit? Or just the 12" x 30" as the smallest size?

Mobilya Tasarım Üretim Eğitim - Furniture Design says:

Ray MacDonaldCreations says:

Great instructions for a newbie like me. Thank you for the simple and understandable information! I learned a lot!

Catherine Harris says:

Correction 💡Ass cream emoji😂😂😂😂👍

Romuald Kuciara says:

Ice cream emoji.

Cry of the Prophet says:

thank you for this, very well explained and I didn't have any problems understanding what you were communicating, thank you very much 🙂

Three,NineAndSix says:

2.5D to create the emoji

Three,NineAndSix says:

2D initially then 3D at the end

wired mynd says:

FYI Thats not an IceCream emoji….lol

vitor santos martins says:

1 – a CNC machine

Austin JT says:

Do you happen to have a class or something? Maybe an online Course?

I have interest in a CNC Machine but I don't know how to Operate it.
And Seller suggest that I do research first before buying. Because his CNC are more a DIY's Project than a complete model.

It will come with a Full Set and Style of my choice but I have to set it up myself.
But since the seller is a Big Company, they plainly said they have no interest working with "Newbie" simply because they don't have the time to answer all my questions.

They suggest I take a class somewhere before starting to buying their CNC.
The problem is my entire country, don't have a professional class for Operating CNC.
We have class for fixing/repairing Mobiles (Shocking, I know) and fixing Cars, motors…

So? Do you have an online class or anything like that? Thank you.
If you can't help, I understand too.

87GTdude says:

….icecream emoji lmfao!!!

Diana McCandless says:

You are an amazing teacher! Did you study education in college?

Cyiza Rwanda says:

Wait a minute its an icecream emogi?

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