CNC Crashes, Breaking Tools, & Outtakes

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Crashing CNC machines and breaking tools is a nightmare! The only thing that gets us through is being able to share these with you for a good laugh. This is what happens in a shop with lots of training classes, interns, and tool testing speeds and feeds. If you’re having a rough day, pucker up and enjoy. At least you’re not alone! #facepalm

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It has been ____ days since I broke a Haimer Tip (Dry Erase Sign)

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D. M. Ball says:

For some reason, it's a relief to find that robotic crafts aren't yet perfect.

Steven Rolette says:

I have been a machinist from 1974 to 2019 in which I retired. I can honestly say I have seen everyone of these oh Sh*t instances and maybe done a few myself.

marcus thomas says:

I'm not without sin here. Yesterday our DMG duo block 5 axis had a z axis incoder fault during a rapid to .1 above a part made of 4130 semi-hardened steel. It was holding a 2in insert drill. I saw the alarm flash just as the rapid move started, but didn't catch it in time. SLAM! It hit at a 45deg angle. The drill and inserts were fine, but the tool holder was fucked. I had to beat it out of the spindle with a dead blow. The holder was split and the drill was about 30deg off center when I turned it by hand. The head doesn't seem out of alignment though. Scared the shit out of me.

Ian .Hollis says:

Slow down, check everything, use your feed over rides and your check page. I make hundreds of mistakes a week, but almost never have a bump because when I'm proving a program out, everything is slowed down.
And if I'd broken that many clocks in my entire career, I'd not be a machinist anymore

Gerrit Raedisch says:

I absolutely hate it when tools break for absolutely no reason. You had your fair share here…

Oz Mouthpieces says:

Véi, cê é duzbão, lógo lógo cê vira uma lenda!!!
Vida longa Nyc!!!

Artem Kusachov says:

It feels like there is something personal between you and indicators…. 😀

Mark Oreilly says:

Every CNC "crash" I've ever seen , was caused in a CAM programed tool path.
ANY of these "crashes" , where ever I've worked, you'd be sacked, on the spot.
You must get sick of buying the guys new Dial Indicators !

Jose Manuel Barahona says:

Debes de dar menos cortes, no te confíes con los valores obtenidos de las tablas, al Momento de mecanizar, mejor cortes suaves lo mas seguros posibles, siempre con toda la desconfianza de la labor, y debes estar supervisando a cada momento, y acompañar con una buena estrategia de refrigeración directa a la herramienta!

Ric Aurandt says:

You guys sound like a buncha ol Ladies when they hear somebody else yell BINGO…


Neil Attaway says:

Don't you just hate it when that happens ? We've all done it .

kazuya^killer:] says:

for those poor dial indicators, how else do you call this tools in your language, in my country we call them 3D Taster

Andrew Britton says:

This video is giving me anxiety sitting at home. Shit

Kris A says:

I love hearing some of the comments after some of the breaks or crashes. I've been there 🤣

Hello? Yes, this is Chief says:

7:32 that e stop had some strong gravity

RockGodZeppelin says:

I cover my eyes every single time…

The Technician says:

do you punish the machinist ??

MrAngeltf says:

idk man i can watch arabs shoting each other but this i just cant. I feel pain and anxious 😀

Nico says:

I think u guys have a problem with keeping ur workpieces in the vise😂😂

Matthew says:

I've programmed for shops with over 100 cnc machines and to me one of these crashes due to bad code a year is nearly too much. This to me is due to people learning to use cam software while still being unable to mentally digest the code it outputs. That, and the single block key has probably never seen any use lmao.

Franz Schluter says:

Those 3d dials.. jesus man. How can this shop even begin to make money.

Nick Mullins says:

That poor edgefinder…. the last thing through it's mind was it's butthole.

Joe M. says:

How can you take this guy serious when there is a Tormach machine in his shop?! What can you make with that Chinese piece of junk?!

Jason Stuck says:

All those broken heimer tip clips made me cringe so hard lol

Roo Goodwin says:

2:35 I dont think that's how you use that tool

Pete Miller says:

TorMach is a piece of Chinese crap
never buy Chinese

Kurt Francis says:

All these mistakes (?) just goes to prove the old adage: HASTE MAKES WASTE.

BatkoVanko says:

6:19 That hurt

M1000 RR says:

This video literally made my blood pressure go up😂😂😂

Jiří Bednář says:

Well that's beautiful

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