CNC machines – The Types of CNC Machines Explained (3 and 5 axis)

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#cncmachines In this video you’re going to learn about the different types of CNC machines. We’ll cover the benefits and limitations of each machine, and how they work.

00:00 Introduction. What you’ll learn in this video.

1:10 Overview of the different types of CNC machines. Here, we’ll provide a complete overview of the different types of CNC machines we will be explaining.

1:35 3 axis CNC machines. We’ll start by explaining how 3 axis CNC turning and CNC milling machines work.

1:54 CNC milling machines. Next, you’ll learn about CNC milling machines and why they are one of the most common machines in use. After that, we’ll show you how they work and finally touch on some of the benefits and limitations of CNC milling machines.

3:01 CNC turning machines, or lathes. In this section, we’ll talk about the difference between CNC milling machines and CNC turning machines. After that, you’ll see how a tuning machine works.

3:58 Multi axis, or 5 axis, CNC machines. Moving on to 5 axis machines, you’ll learn that they rotate on 5 axis, making them different from 3 axis CNC machines. The general benefits and imitations of 5 axis machines are briefly discussed.

4:49 Indexed 5-axis CNC milling machines. Or 3 + 5 CNC machines. In this section of the video, we’ll explain how an indexed 5-axis machine works and what some of the benefits and limitations are.

5:25 Continuous 5-axis CNC machines. We’ll start this part of the video by explaining why continuous 5 axis CNC machines are different from Index 5-axis CNC machines. You’ll see how a continuous 5-axis machine works and we’ll cover some of the benefits and limitations of this machine.

6:00 Mill-turning CNC centers. Here, Mill-turning CNC centers are explained and why this machine is a good hybrid of a turning and milling machine.

6:45 Recap of the video.

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Stephanie from the Netherlands says:

Awesome video! Who would think that something so technical could be explained so clearly. Watching these CNC video's are my new yoga 🙂

Keith D Maust says:

invest in a quality microphone

Mark Bass says:

I was informed that even this process would be tricky, which is why I chose…

Chris Bates says:

great video

Victor's Channel says:

I can't believe this guy has only 9k subscribers, I expected like 300k when I looked down to hit a subscribe button

justin lassiter says:

awesome video

TimeWave says:

Cnc mills have also different subcategories like portals or stationary mills

عبدالرحمن محمد says:

good work..thanks

Fazla Rabby says:

so cool ! Clear description

vijay kumar says:

Mill turn CNC machine can be replaced by which conventional machines?

karan dhiman says:

Very well explained … Thanks

sharana raana says:

Can you plz explain how to find backlash in CNC machine??

Nate says:

Beat explanation I've seen and heard

TJ Vanderloop says:

You Guys at 3-D HUB are great! Thanks for a job well done! Excellent manufacturing tool design review. Respectfully.

T J (Tom) Vanderloop, Author, Mechanical Designer, & Consultant; ATEA, AWS, & SME-Life Membership/Leader!

MechTech stuff says:

Good video, nice explanation

Verrtex says:

4:27 A axis shoud be C because it's rotation axis of Z, A is rotation axis of X.

pedro a says:

Thanks I’m new to cnc what is a good equipment to start with there are so many out there I’d say for making part and other hubby’s

Ray Lau says:

Great video. You guys deserve more subscriptions.

Samuel Davidson says:

Brilliant Mate! Absolutely Top Notch!

A Klass says:

Good video👍👍🆒

James Joseph says:

Which wood miling machine is best in 5 axis series

davek53 says:

Thanks for great video. But when you talk about CNC turning, you show CNC grinder, and then again towards the end of video. Just saying….

Alan Freeman says:

Great content. Well done.

Anvay Goenka says:

I really like 3D hubs educational videos. Very easy to understand for junior engineers as well!

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