CNC Machining Titan's Eagle

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Incredibly Satisfying Hypnotic CNC Machining Metal Art Project on a 5-Axis CNC Mill…

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G&J says:

will be nice to watch this videos if not brain washing with patriotic BS

Frank says:

La mía es cheaper pero hace cosas fantásticas

Darrell Hart says:

I remember when CNC's came out and it would fail allot many places just took it off from all the problems then new computer boards less fails but so basic and you had to change the tools reset zero hit the bottom and cross your fingers.
I knew it has come a long way to this I am amazed at what I see even your personal story is amazing.

Lance Ballew says:

How much for one?

mdjunaid attar says:

Sir I'm Indian I work on CNC lathe machine I make programme and operate

Merkel_User says:

Well no hate but i heard the word america way more often in this video then ever before. I woud love a job like that but only manufacturing gets boring for me real fast i need to engeneer my ons stuff so i don’t get bored

Tyler Mast says:

Oxnard is on the 101!

Robin Mussotter says:

How to Draw this Kind of Art in Inventor cad ?? Somebody knows? Please explain

G ROBIN says:

Which CAM software used for this type of machining ?

Hamza Tanveer says:

which CAM software you used?

Richard B says:

Who would ever do business with this yahoo jackass?

6yjjk says:

The only way this could get more American is if that eagle is actually a working handgun.

Homelessman22 says:

I recommend watching on mute.

Ненад says:

I fail to understand the concept of "titan" here. Are the titans CNC machines? Because people certainly aren't.

Suvo youtube says:

CNC ..HMC machine ?!

suicidalkatt says:


Okan GÜVEN says:

congratulations! your work is great!👍👍
The link of our new product that you can use on your cnc machines is below.
Can you review?

Fadi Nasralla says:

Love that passion.

Chirino says:

without a doubt a chingoneria in the world of cnc

calvin lagasse says:

Doesn't look like any job shop I've worked in. Where's the welders, manual lattes and mills ?

تربية النحل says:

هل هذا اله تصنع هيكل محرك السياره بدل تذويب الومنيوم

The Zona Family daddy says:

Love your enthusiasm. I wish I could work there

Farhan Abdul Rahman says:

Damn that'd have been a really really long programme!

Craig lister says:

Great video love it. I engraved an Eagle for my dad last week

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