CNC Machining Tour at Protolabs

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Take a quick tour through our 215,000 sq. ft. CNC machining facility in Minnesota to see how we manufacture parts in as fast as 24 hours. Choose from more than 30 different engineering-grade metal and plastic materials for durable prototypes, jigs and fixtures, and fully functional end-use components. We’re also ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certified so you get rigorous quality control measures throughout the production process. Ready to start your next project? Upload a part today at
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Tree Power says:

"producing machining code" Giggles… 🙂
Do you charge the same on parts from your Chinese factory that you do from your USA factory?

Arya Prabhat Singh says:

perfect place for a mechanical engineering graduate like me to work in.🤩🤩

Pe os says:

Its a cnc farm.

William Huang says:

Hanzhen harmonic drive gear , robot arm gear , joint acurator, over 30 years experience ,

Medical Pump says:

Are you hiring mill experts programming too

Mohideenraja Sikkander says:

Which country machine I want alloy wheel polish cnc machine mini price

Suresh Balja says:

Hello ,
Myself suresh.I have 5 years of experience as a cnc milling machinist. I have done my masters in production engineering. So I am willing to work in the company. Please let me know how to apply for it ??

kavin editz says:

Hi iam vichu and im a cnc(vmc) machine operator and i like to will to work in your machine shop how can i apply for this job and send your email sir.

taxicamel says:

What a joke this video is. They ship 75,000 parts per month. That's 2,500 parts per day …and you do not run this shop on one shift, so that equals 104 parts per hour. Did anyone see any materials/mtl cars for parts or finished parts on carts anywhere on the floor other than the one guy with a cart at 3:56? There was ONE part on the inspection bench. Where are all the people? This video looks more like a deal made with Haas. The machines are crammed in with absolutely minimal room to move these material carts around. A normal pallet would never be able to be used.
NO …this is NOT what this shop looks like in real life …with merely the token two or three people leisurely walking around in each aisle.

C O G E N says:

It looks like we are going back to 'made in the usa' …

Vien Tran says:

Thanks it’s good for our economy

Евгений Мойсей says:

Amazing 👏. How many people work on machines??? Very clean. How do you collect showings?

Chris Hax says:

This is like the amazon of machining. Where tradesman go to get burnt out for bottom dollar

Video Measuring Machine says:

We can support optical comparators

Akash 7000 says:

I my cnc Turning Programmer and Operator

Mihai F D says:

Has anyone managed to keep track of how many ''we's'' can be heard in this video, and also how many ''you's'' ? I estimate 50 to 1. Self centered. It's all about what WE do , not about what YOU get……so much for efficient communication to YOUR customers ! The images are ok, as they show technical capabilities; the wording instead need a looooooot of improvement …..

Every 1 says:

Removing the labor cost component makes us more competitive with China but our energy costs are still a problem currently. Fantastic factory by the way and it's great to see America maintaining a strong presence in manufacturing. A lot of inventiveness comes from actually designing and making stuff. You can't learn that in a classroom regurgitating formulas to pass exams.

Rajendra D sena says:

Very good company Like your company.

Sahendra YADAV says:

How to join this plant

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