CNC machining – What is it and How Does it Work? (Must Know Basics)

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In this video, you’re going to learn what CNC machining is and how it works. After watching you will have a good understanding of CNC machining.

00:00 Introduction. What you’ll learn from this video.

0:47 First, you’ll learn what CNC machining is and how CNC machines operate.

1:03 Second, we’ll show you the basic process of CNC machining in 3 steps. Designing a CAD model, turning that CAD file into G-code, programming the CNC machine with the G-code and finally allowing the system to execute all machining operations.

1:30 Next, you will learn why CNC machining is a price-competitive manufacturing technology for one-off custom parts and medium-volume production.

1:55 Then, we’ll show you why CNC machining is a subtractive manufacturing technology and what that means. The difference between CNC machining and other manufacturing technologies will also be explained.

2:52 Next, we’ll talk about some of the materials that can be CNC machined.

3:09 Finally, you’ll learn that with CNC machining you can create highly accurate parts with very tight tolerances.

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Brian Garret says:

Love the energy – this guy could be the David Attenborough of manufacturing!

clay Lawrence says:

A very short and full of info video thanks 😊

Jitesh Verma says:

Engineer's Hasan Minhaj

JWonderful Success says:

Great video Hubbs. Thank you

Anonymous says:

1) 3D printing, and
2) injection molding

Anonymous says:

CNC machining tools such as
1) mills,
2) lathes,
3) grinders,
4) routers

郭万禄 says:

Mind my share the knowledge at our company web?I think more ppl will get what it is better.


what do you mean with "Routers"?

NITOYO says:

Yes, our power steering pump is also using CNC machining !

Mohammad Ayub says:

I remember 32 years ago I used to work in Sutton casting in maclasfeald thay bought a new c n c masheen just imagine the tec now subhaanallah

Edimar 10 says:

How long does this machines take to make a motorcycle hub? Any info thanks

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付与强 says:

hi,We are a mechanical processing plant in Shenzhen, with a sound processing system, how to join your manufacturing platform.

Blue Sky says:

Presenters hand movements are too exaggerated

Marquis says:

What exactly is the milk that gets squirted at the object being machined? Giggity. Lube and coolant?

Rob Rosales says:

The clips inside were great.

Toxibroke Gaming says:

Blessed channel.

Pritipal Singh says:

Can we start with job work with CNC machine

Samarth savalia says:

Sir, I want to make CNC machine work so please help me I am a Student, I know one of the Software to make CAD/CAM and convert to G-Code but I need some more real parts to practice, But I don't have any business account to register? Help me, please …..

Samarth savalia says:

but how a student can download the PDF of the book and I want to practice some of the CAD files to be machined so that I can face some problem and know more

Marie Chaproniere says:

Brilliant! Super clear and helpful!

Wian Louwrens says:

Very informative thanks!

Sergey Kosyakov says:

Great content!

The channel will come alive fast. Hehe

Stephanie from the Netherlands says:

Love this video. CNC machining is such an awesome technology: I can just watch these parts take shape over and over again.

Steven Chong says:

Thanks for the clear explanation. Very helpful!

Anvay Goenka says:

Super Insightful. For someone from a non-technical background, it was super easy to understand.

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