CNC Mill Tutorial

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Mavez says:

Great video, wish I had room for a cnc mill in my garage…

ITI machinist practical says:

So more help you make video


New subscriber from Somalia

Iñigo Elías says:

Good video, so useful.

Godwin Atia says:

Small recycling machine for pp pe po Pvc films
No heating no water cooling no filter
Space only 2300*1000*1500mm
Capacity 30-40kg/hour
5kw/hours electric

GUY_MI_USA says:

Great video! Thanks

James Thompson says:

This was a fantastic presented tutorial – Would be great to get close ups of the screen and keys – Please do more tutorials like this in the future – thanks again and fantastic stuff

Hai Tran says:

Please learn from my mistake.
I learned my lesson. I broke a 1 inch drill bit when I put it back to the spindle. The pegs on the spindle were on the side way so I did not see them clearly and I did not line up the notches correctly with the pegs. I heard the loud bang and I shattered the 1 inch drill bit. I was glad I did not get hurt.
Tip: Try to turn the spindle so one of the pegs faces you so i can see it clearly.

Primal-Dude1191 says:

Awesome video, awesome instruction, thank you!

Arsenio Ferretti says:

io programmo su fanuc ed un pò di selca…nella mia macchina per cambiare utensile uso Txx seguito da M6, EOB INS…in un'altra la procedura era contraria ovvero M6 Txx

Axe Addict says:

When you know how to do all this stuff are you considered a level 1operator?

stephen Crabb says:

If you set up your vice to X and y or make a gig you will save hours

stephen Crabb says:

She had a good teacher

Keep it Real says:

This job is so difficult

xxIONBOMBxx says:

She shows how to use an edgefinder to find X and Y, but not how to use an INDICATOR to find Z RELATIVE for a 123 block, and its relevation.

You use a 123 block to keep a 3 inch distance from the base table, so you virtually lie to the machine and say the table is 3 inches taller than it is.
Indicator touches the top of 123 block, and you find THAT relevance to the top of your stock(or what you want the Z rele to be, sometimes its half or midline of the stock at Z)

She touched the tool off the part, but you cant really do that to a piece of metal, maybe alum but idk.
I knew a guy that did it with a piece of paper off the top of the part, and subbed 10 thou, which was smartz

For spring holes on winchester lowers, I just jog the Z down until it throws a few chips, part zero, run it .005/.01 thou and then re part zero.

Machining is fun, never be intimidated, and also, never give up. Just keep trying to learn. Youll always break stuff. Thats okay. Ruining tools and ruining some parts never hurts, it only makes you worth more money if you accidentally waste a little money.🖤

xxIONBOMBxx says:

this makes haas machines look spoopy lol.

One of our machines throws a "spindle locked, gear fault" code so I cram a pallet board in the main drive and pry the arm that unlocks the spindle up.

These machines at an ass shop like Pacific Tool and Guage in wc oregon, you really learn to be mean af to these little bois lol.

She makes me seem like a lot but I mean, I knew all of this after like a month. And that was also while filling my parts lists.

Good info for a new hire, will really teach you stuff no lie.

xxIONBOMBxx says:

Been machining a year.

I go fairly tight maybe a good yoink for steel. Feed and Sspeed should be slower for steel.
Shes using much newer machines I can tell, the windows much clearer.

She knows more than I, yet I hoe that machine when I want to.

She should show offsets and certain manipulation for machines.

Joseph Rodriguez says:

Bro I'm so damn lost 😂😂😂😂😂

junior says:


Lena Grissom says:

This is a great video for beginners, she did a great job.

All Right says:

..for thightning a workpiece is the needing force (N) is critical, then the force of the cuting tool, that exposed to workpiece has to be calculated. By knowing desired force to thight a workpiece in clamps!

riczort says:

Good video would be great it You could zoom in on screen and controls when she is using it.

Gary Tanilon says:

nice explanation excellent

El Roco says:

Great content. She explained it really well. I start my new cnc machinist job this Monday(February 21, 22) and I'm excited.

пртпрыпкраоырпаы артарекырекыркеы says:



I hope she was my girlfriend, she’s not only smart but also she has an angelic voice, she speaks like she’s been bringing a new born to stop crying n sleep.
Awesome job!

Plymouth and Dodge Posse says:

Excellent and precise training! Loved it! I started off as a machinist then started using CAD/CAM back in the early 80s. Fast forward now, I have been selling and supporting CAD/CAM for over 40 years. Watching her provide this training was awesome! Wish more instructors were this precise and talented. She is the best CNC instructor that I have ever seen.

Twin Cylinder 50cc says:

Would like her to hold my tool.😁

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