CNC Router & Designing For Beginners – Garrett Fromme

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This video is for anyone who is a beginner and new to benchtop or desktop CNC routers and project design. This video will walk you through step by step how to get started and design projects for your CNC router. You will also learn how to transfer g-code to your CNC router, among many other tips and tricks for the beginner.

This video is intended to help the beginner avoid bad cuts, broken router bits, mistakes, and countless hours on YouTube trying to learn. This video will lead you to understand CNC router bits, saving g code detting up your cnc router, feeds and speeds,

You will get a lot of cnc router tips and tricks along the way. We will also cover the CNC control software, such as universal gcode sender and gsender. You will learn how to do a tool path and about profile toolpaths and cuts. and will know the difference between profile and pocket cuts.

We will be working in Vectric Vcarve desktop, pro and aspire but all applications work for all design software, like Easel, Carbide Crate, Fusion 360, Carveco, etc.

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Garrett Fromme


CNC Routers, Beginners & Beyond - Garrett Fromme says:

Thanks for following along with this video and hope you enjoyed it. If the Longmill peques your interest, check it out by clicking here now:

Tyler smith says:

Best beginner CNC video I have watched! Garrett, thank you so much.

ADMA says:

How good are these CNCs for manufacturing intricate things like fine teeth on a haircomb? Will the smaller bits hold out against hardwoords ? Thanks for the video btw!!

jansb says:

Sir, I have seen many of your excellent videos and I do appreciate your effort to teach newbes like me
Few questions I have are about being totally lost in the waste numbers of CNC bits versus parameters I do need to supply to my Vcarve software I am yet to install and explore.
If I do purchase a CNC bit I potentially think I need to use but I have no idea of the allowable spin and feed rate to enter to the software and the SKU part numbers are not reflective as being relevant to a particular manufacturer only.
So the 1st question I have is how should I address spin/feed rate of the bits I would like to use or, is this just kind of learn as you go thing?
The 2nd question is possibly even more silly. Having yet to made the waste board I am faced with a dilema. My VFD controlled 1.5 KW spindle has a set of E16 collet sizes, hence it will not accept my 1/2" shank surfacing bit I own and have previously used. The E16 goes only up to 10mm shank. A google search results in only 1/4" and 1/2" surfacing bits which is about half way of what my collet is capable for.
Sir, what is your bast advice to this dilema?

Rupert P. Rutzki says:

I got too gung ho and broke a bit, months ago. Got completely discouraged. Now I'm trying to follow this to the letter, and I've hit a snag. When I select the shapes, I don't get the green dots at all. I can go in and change them, but they aren't visible to me otherwise. Please help. I don't want to move forward until I get this figured out. Thanks in advance.

Robles Oak Line says:

Now I know I’m getting a cnc router.
I sat through the whole video and backed it up several times, but at least understand it better. I actually sent this video to my phone so that I could save it, and I could go back and study it more. I can draw almost anything on paper, now I’m hoping to be able to use the CAD and CAM to put some of my art on wood or other materials.
Thank you so much, the video was very informative, even for an old man like myself.
You have a new sub.
God speed

ndoghouse says:

So when I finally get comfortable with my router is she gonna dump me and never work again! Sounds familiar! Vectrix looks like some cool software. Ill probably use it for CAD. I rebuilt an older Chinese machine and had to add a VFD and breakout board because of lack of manuals and info in English. All setup now and just got touch plate working. Got some basic bits and ready to go. Thanks for the info. Came in very helpful. Im using Mach3 and used to it so ill probably keep it for now. I started writing my own G-code from scratch for test pattern similar to the square you demonstrated. Guess its time for CAD software. Great work on the video instruction. Its been very helpful for me getting started.

j c says:

Nice to start with $600 plus dollar software. How about a fully functional software that designs,controls the machine after sending the machine the g code that is freeware for a beginner or something affordable. That's a laugh.

Hal Richard says:

Yes!!! I graduated. 😁😁 Kidding aside. Well Done Video. Easy to Understand. Thanks.

Paulo Braga says:

Good morning Mr. Garrett.
With this video, you saved my day. I had already forgotten all about CNC. Thanks.

Lester Harlow says:

Outstanding video. For a beginner, it's just what I've needed.

Mark Tabacca says:

I don’t have a split screen tab

Mark Tabacca says:

When I select both mine doesn’t have any green dots

CliffArt says:

I am struggling with a 3d rendering on a 1.25 inch board. it is not giving me the depth I need. frustrating.

JP_Thunder says:

Thank you Brother !

Christopher Jacoby says:

I absolutely love this video! Will watch it again when I'm in front of my machine.

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