CNC vs Laser. Which Should You Get First?

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Comparing the pros and cons of CNC routers and laser cutters Brought to you by Squarespace. For 10% off your first purchase, go to:

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Make or Break Shop says:

"Science is magic that works". Ha love it and thanks for the shoutout!

Gerald L. Hunsucker says:

Amana has a tool database available for free download on their website. It has ALMOST all of their bits. It can be imported into Vectric or Fusion.

Leroy Hendricks says:

I'm sure the CNC is CUT OUT for it.

Jay Nemade says:


felix Winkler says:

cnc winns, if you ad 2 more axis 4sure, but money is just one of the problems

60k is really REALLY cheap for a 5 axis

Nathan Thomas says:

Which one has more RADIATION? I worked 4 a company that was the 1st in the World & all others followed or copied

Burhan Zahrai says:

Can a laser machine cut through silver plates names meant to be pendants? The words are small.

Juan David George says:

Hi David, Quick question. Would you buy the 3W laser head for your stepcraft machine?

Burhan Zahrai says:

Hi, I cut by hand gold and silver plates (1 mm and 2 mm thickness) making names as pendants. What do you recommend cnc or laser? And please recommend the brand. Thanks

JessicaRabbit says:

I hate when things smell like crotch and cancer.

Suzanne Crawford says:

Very helpful! Thank you.

PiDsMedia says:

8:55 – Yeah, I don't think that's what those tubes are called. Say the sentence in front of a woman and watch her expression.

Henrik Andersen says:

What software are you using?

Annie's Lively home says:

Love all the pros and cons you mentioned.

CCcnc says:

Why anyone would spend over $6k on a 45watt laser with a 2"x12"x20" cutting capacity totally amazes me. You can get a Thunder Laser or Aeon for that kind of money.

bacsi jancsi says:

This GlowForge mania I will never ever understand. Just buy a chinese CO2 laser they are absolutely good enoug(lasers are not so complicated machines) and buy LaserBurn to it…the best software and cheap as well.. Never ever use cloud based soft which is limited and slow and need internet and you are in the hand of the seller if they go out of business you go also. Why people buy overpriced stuff like that?????

X X says:


Evenbid50 says:

Why I have a CNC already and considering a 7W Laser attachment ? What are my limitations with the laser that a dedicated laser would have. Just off the top of my head I would have more project real estate.

Manuel Perez says:

I like the App idea. You could use MS Access to create a database that has all of the bits stored. Where would you get the details for the speeds and such for each bit? I might be onto something.

Malovi VV says:

Both informative and entertaining, thanks!

Shawn Sweeting says:

With a laser. You can cut peices scaled up or down for a 3d puzzle that comes in flat peices…stack em and its dope I've done it plenty

nukestrom says:

"MDF is son of a bitch part". I fully agree with you.

Alex Pressley says:

weird i think the last video i saw of you was the new drill press or you building that corner. that was a while back. youtube hasnt pushed anything to my subs.

Rex Sceleratorum says:

I see that a web-service is required for the expensive hardware I'm looking at, I run like hell. It is bad enough that people will end up with a lot of e-waste when IOT companies fold

Robertson Cleto Koerner says:

Parabéns pelo vídeo e ensinamento, obrigado. Robertson (Brasil)

Ben Moore says:

David. Dude. Come on. It’s not a glass “fallopian” tube. They’re Filipino tubes 🤦🏼‍♂️

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