Cool Electrician Tools & Gadgets Electricians NEVER Knew About!

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Cool Electrician Tools & Gadgets Electricians NEVER Knew About!

Welcome back to Electrician District, today on the channel we are going to check out the Cool electrician tools and gadgets. Tool kits are every electrician’s trusty companion, you take them with you to every job and rely on the tool to apply your hard-won skills and deliver reliable and safe solutions. We’ve asked engineers what tools they keep in their kit and pulled them all together to create this guide to the best electrician’s tool kit essentials. Professional electricians swear by these tools, and you will, too. Check out our recommendations here.

More Than Just a Wire Stripper. This smart little tool does a lot—it works as a wire stripper, sheathing cutter, wire bender, measuring gauge and a wire nut wrench. But what it really excels at is stripping sheathing from nonmetallic cable. The little tooth inside slices through the sheathing as you slide the cable through. The tooth won’t damage the individual wires, and because it’s inside the tool, it won’t slice your fingers like a utility blade could. Diagonal Cutters Redux. Diagonal cutters have been around for decades. Now Irwin Tools has introduced a new version called the PowerSlot. Irwin engineered the mechanics so that the cutters exert twice the cutting power of conventional diagonal cutters with the same amount of hand squeeze. Couple that with super-hardened steel to handle all that cutting power and you have a set of diagonals worth the price tag. Stay tuned to find more Cool electrician tools and gadgets in this video.

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Sparky says:

This guy definitely left handed and left headed.

Atheist says:

the "lil' ripper" is understandable since it's a safetly tool that can do pretty much the same as a knife while being safer, but the rest is ignorable

I work in portugal and for years that no one uses wire nuts anymore, so push-in connectors are ignorable (we call them wagos here because it's the main brand) since it's already a everyday use, the "powerslot" sounds like a marketable cash grab that can be found for 5 bucks in your local tool store, reaming pliers are those kind of tools you use once every year and so are the rethreading stuff, and if it's a "once a year tool" then you better not even have it in your tool box since YOU are the one that have to be carrying it around

as for the "carlon" box, from these kind of videos it seems that in america wood for structure is used a lot and thus why the carlon box might be better, but here no one really trusts wood for a new house for the simple reason that if is new then it should last for "years" (as in as long as possible without damage) and cement does seem more reliable, usually it ends up being cement with pladur finish on the walls and ceiling, so we just either use normal boxes (dont know if that's the correct name in english) in cement or pladur boxes when pladur finish

j2o3sh says:

Push in connectors fail and are mostly garbage. Then at times you have to disconnect joints (the push ones suck to take off live)

j2o3sh says:

I’m an electrician “ripper stripper is not needed” when you are a professional you already have proper tools and the knowledge to use tools you already have to do that work.

El S says:

I like the fact a reamer is on the outside edge of the pliers, BUT I think its insafe to use those pliers as an Electrical tool because the handles plastic sleeve does not go all the way down. I'm sure someone will use those on something LIVE and get zapped cause your gripping metal.

Ovi Bucur says:

All presented items are rubbish and not worth having except for number 6. End of…

taylor Jams says:

Dumbest video ever. Every single tool is either a very common or a trinket tool a professional would never use.

zeke jones says:

U forced a wire nut on with the twist a nut…. you don't turn counter clockwise to put a wire nut on 😳

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