Critical System Diagnosis for Residential HVAC

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This a RAW Kalos meeting where we talk Critical System Diagnosis for Residential HVAC. We cover proper diagnosis mindset, and focus especially on compressor diagnosis and how to make sure you aren’t telling someone they need a compressor when they don’t.

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Scotland Heating & Air Conditioning LLC says:

Brian OUTSTANDING job explaining your expectations to the techs.

Chad says:

Your class makes me feel old.Guess I am old.

The Matt Savage Show says:

This guy sucks and he talks too much. Get to the point.

sinister nightmare says:

Video starts at 5:13

Ruger Boyks says:

Do your videos apply to systems in Kansas as well? Just asking before I dig in deep because this is my second video I’ve watched so far and the first one somebody said they didn’t recognize your heat pump set up because of you living in Florida I believe.

Carl Brunberg says:

You're a class act. 👏

Anthony Delgado says:

That guy on the phone in the back, so disrespectful, guess he doesn't appreciate the information or even care, that's what I am getting from him, or maybe he knows it all🤷🏾‍♂️ I would love to be in his position right now, being in that room learning all I can, what an amazing company and teacher

Edit: fixed a word

Benito Nieto says:

thank you for your teaching your a great teacher

Ashroyer86 says:

I wouldn't call isolating the compressor a pass fail with 100% certainty. A spike in any part of a combined load could trip a breaker.

charles davis says:

I hope the Techs are really paying attention, I have had nightmares with a Trane Unit, I blame a lot of it on knowledge. HVAC work is very complicated to diagnose. And I think a lot of it was due to bad diagnoses. I had 2 compressors installed plus the original. The parts were made all over the world and supposedly Americans put the units together. Even worse the Techs NEVER brought out a diagnostic devices to check the parts of the unit, I questioned one and was met with a "what is there to diagnose". This was installed a Trane Tech, not just anyone.

Dawn Baldwin says:

Has anyone seen the link between cooling systems and how the earth works? Oil gas creates the cooling system for the earth. 💚 you guys understand how the earth heats up and cools… you could help save the earth! 💚

MJ Ah Tune says:

I know when reversing valve pressure equalize it make a whooshing noise but this one is annoying loud, please need you advise?

MJ Ah Tune says:

hi sir, why is the reversing valve 27 kw heat pump making low noise when condenser cuts out?

Mij Oizagas says:

You’re a really good teacher. Thank you!

Bruno Pjetri says:

Brian great stuff with your team. If I can just add a bit of opinion or support on your perspective verses teams perspective. In my experience when doing a lesson its always worked out better when I hold the room like a baby verses your approach in this lesson . You were aggressive, boss mentality , and border line rude to the guys . Yes we hvac guys have thick skin. But you are a senior level tech and instructor in this moment . If you want the max information retention rate it is best done with Love verses fear as you inadvertently instilled into the lesson. Learning needs to be serious fun like learning to ride a bike and the joy of succeeding afterwards. If your team leaves that room and someone felt as if they got scalded you are now teaching thru fear . I really like all your videos and appreciate your time . I will use your videos for training and relearning myself .

A Sweet Deal Flea Market Store says:

Wow, very thorough.

Zach Osborne says:

The company I work for is the 2nd largest Lennox dealer in North America. We have 50 service techs and cover all of Oklahoma some of Arkansas and Texas. Good video, reminds me of our Lennox service rep when he visits.

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