Cutting Demo – CrossFire CNC Plasma Table w/Razorweld Vipercut 30 Plasma Cutter

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Quick demonstration cutting a custom 1/8″ steel bracket on the CrossFire CNC Plasma Table with the Razorweld Vipercut 30 Plasma Cutter. Visit us at to learn more!


Moygaming916 says:

Can this machine also cut tile or only metals

Cut Weld N Grind says:

I been wanting to buy a table but not having someone local to help me understand programs keeps holding me back. Its been a while that I looked into the programs so might do more research.

cezar rivera says:

1/8 steel what is the feedrate…thanks

cezar rivera says:

2mm and 3mm what is the feedrate…thanks

Robert Czarnowski says:

Hi! Is shipping to Europe available?

Dulce Rodriguez says:

where can I buy the same table ??

Ivan says:

Is there any chance to see physically how it works?


What’s something like this worth

Danial Howe says:

go to amazon they sell better units


Hello how thick can be a steel sheet can it do 1 mm

Fathen Brag says:

Hm what are you cutting exactly? I can't really see and understand what you're cutting. Like others here I also want to see more videos and design options of what this machine cutter does. This video is not very specific for a potential buyer who is a beginner and is just starting to learn about this cutter.

Juan Luna says:

Which post did you use on Fusion 360? I am about to order mine.

kmjans90 says:

How big of air compressor are you using? What are the minimum requirement s for air pressure?

Maria Latham says:

Im new to laser cutters I have no knowledge, but I am into the wood signs business and I see people doing cutout letters (intricate lettering) would this machine allow me to cut that on wood and can I do way bigger than that table? (I know they width is size limited but can I cut out shapes as large as I want? TIA

Garage cnc plasma says:

This is Very nice table for the money. If you decide to go larger definitely look into TruePlasma Cnc tables! Only $8000!!

Jaxon says:

Looks like a great affordable unit… Are there any plans for an updated unit that has Z axis capability? I see there are a few individuals that have made their own successfully but it would make more sense for Langmuir to have this upgrade installed by now? Please let us know.

Carter MacKenzie says:

Do you think I could make rotary engine parts with this

NOBOX7 says:

I need to hit the ground running and all i have is a plasma cutter and a laptop ? Do you provide all the software i need or can you help me get set up ?

mrk107 says:

I have a great invention and this cutter would be perfect for what I need.

cimotorsports says:

Dumb question.. I have the razor cut 45 and when its done cutting the air still blows out of the torch head for a good 10 seconds and its blowing my solution everywhere.  Anyway to turn that post flow air off or lower the duration?

Jose Cid says:

If get this table …will be run the hyperterm xp45

Dennis Iteen says:

Can I use my LTP5000D plasma cutter with this table . Does it have a cutting program, and how hard is it to program and run .

valveman12 says:

Looks like a nice machine. Interesting there is no Auto Torch Height Adjustment. Looks like it works well despite that.

Arthur McGehee says:

How big of a piece a metal can you cut? I need to cut at least a 24" piece of steel.

Elskrat88 says:

Programming would be easier if the software we're like the Omax layout and make it would make alot more sense as well for it being for 2D cuts

Pataki Attila says:

How about Pierce height? Hypertherm Pierce height 2X as cut height

jaa dee says:

show the back side of the part and the edge.. taper? for a 30 amp you had it dialed in really well would have liked to see the bottom…DAMM

J Morton says:

This answered question about the cutting paths.

vwaudiwelder says:

Material processing question from a welding engineer: How on earth is THIN STAINLESS cut successfully time and again with no digital torch height control THC? Should I expect the high coefficient of thermal expansion/low thermal conductivity=DISTORTION PRONE material to warp, buckle and therefore lift, shift and touch the cutting tip nozzle thus grounding out the circuit and essentially crashing the machine? I am quite serious about making a purchase of your machine ONLY if I am able to upgrade at a later time to a 4×4 or larger table work surface with the included initial software package. Thank you.

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