Dangerous biggest heavy equipment excavator destroys everything! Extreme powerful crushing machinery

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Dangerous biggest heavy equipment excavator destroys everything! Extreme powerful crushing machinery

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Gilberto Sanchez says:

Esosies una trituradora

Gerhard Pretorius says:

Impressive. What happes after this proses? You can show us what it is remade into?

Ha Anh says:

Càng cứng thì em nó nuốt càng dễ

Team angie says:

A Cuban paint shop could fix that

Francisco Campos says:

Tanta peça para proveita

Francisco Campos says:

Erabom bota os políticos currupitos e polícias currupitos bandidos e tudo que não presta aí dentro o carinho não fez nada era só gasta um dinheiro nele

Adi Ningrat says:

Mobil dikunyah seperti makan kerupuk , luar biasa mesin raksasa ini

Darek Komar says:

Debiliarism! … Wouldn't it be better to take apart than destroy everything ?! ..

jagat cilik bonsai says:

Luarbiasa monster robot yang sangat kuat, tehnoligi yang canggih, video yang bagus, salam saya dari indonesia semoga sukses 👍👍👍

richardnail Historical says:

Ludicrous way of disposing of material, cars with tires on, engines, seats, everything should be separated, enough of these 'one solution' fits all because its just another way of spreading waste further and further. Corporations, businesses, people always look for the easiest way to get rid of toxic materials – this is wrong, it's wrong for the environment and ecosystem, only makes the problem bigger. The world today does not want to own up to the predicament we have created for ourselves, everybody just wants an easy way out – AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN THAT WAY, SORRY!

Drake Koefoed says:

fiberglass over wood never works. wood expands with damp and rots. water always gets in

Diggitall Indadirt says:

That’s very satisfying to watch for some odd reason 👍🏻

Carlos Veiga says:

Nossa demais elas não precisam nem palitar os dentes kkkkk🤭🤭😄😄😄😄🙄🙄🙄🙄🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

Viacheslav Volokhonskiy says:

Вот я балдею с этого цивилизованного мира! Машины утилизируют целиком,зато крышки из фольги,стекло ,бумагу,пластик , людям необходимо СТРОГО!!! сортировать…Маразм

Michael Wilson says:

Dude. Where's my car?

darkovbarbora says:

Kvičí jak prase když potká řezníka.

Aldo Di-O says:

Quienes inventan esas megamakinas???? Unos genios !!!!

Valentin Español says:


Valentin Español says:

2:04,,, CLASE DE MUELAS 🤣😂

Robert says:

Cuando estaban desmantelando el barco, vi el timón y pensé "cómo van a destruir el timón" y en eso el brazo de la máquina lo toma delicadamente y una persona lo rescata. Bien por eso. Yo lo restauraria y lo pondría en alguna pared de mi patio.

Daniel Cruz says:


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