Design guidelines for sheet metal components | Design for manufacturing sheet metal components

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In this video you will learn the important parameters of sheet metal that we need to understood before going to start working on sheet metal.
we can some design guidelines for sheet metal product design, important parameters in sheet metals, design of sheet metal components

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Kiến thức - toxifoods says:

thank you..

A Disciple says:

Wow. Coolest explaination for beginners in Sheetmetal.
Very Good step, towards teaching the industrial guidelines.
Waiting for your next Video. 🌸🌼💐

Prasanna Venkateswaran says:

That's a cool and simple explanation for better understanding prior to Sheet metal design, great initiative @Mechanical Design Adda

Solidworks in hindi says:

Can you send this ppt or pdf

R C ART says:

Very good sir

da says:

please upload more videos

Manoj Alvandar says:

T and t difference ?


Nice Presentation sir,
Good For Easy understanding.

Josefina II Policarpio says:

great info!

Asim M says:

Really amazing

naga prasad says:

In K factor, the formula should be corrected as per the picture shown

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