Desktop Cnc Mill with a unique Tool Changer – Carvera Cnc Machine Review

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This is a review of the Makera Carvera desktop cnc mill. It features a unique tool changer, wireless probe, anchor based tool holding system, laser and built in dust extraction. It is absolutely packed with features.

Please note that parts of this video are increased in speed to make it less boring, for example the footage of auto levelling. The footage of milling is at normal speed.

Please take care and understand the potential risks involved with participation in a Kick starter campaign.

The review item was provided free of charge by the manufacturer for this review



techydiy says:

Since this video Carvera has improved the dust collection bin, added an external dust port, changed the Y axis linear shaft to 25mm, added an external estop switch, an x, y ,z probe, M8/M9 air flow control and a laser protection film.

Mexx says:

Can this machine handle a water nozzle to mill stone statues?

felix Winkler says:

im starting to think this is a Kickstarter scam 🤷‍♂️ no updates,its verry little money they wanted for the funding and its not a machine anyone would my , it cant mill alu etc, it only has 200w and can only run 1/8" tooling
also there are no vids of people making their own projects and there are quite a few parts that seem to be stuck on it "just because "

Yaad says:

tell us the price before u tell us about its function because if price is high no use of having it one can buy high price product from various company

FlakeSE says:

Lot of room for optimization. Why measure the length of the touch off probe when that is essentially its job, in fact, why measure anything twice when it is the same tool.

Steve Hooper says:

It's difficult to tell from a video, but how would you rate the noise level when cutting aluminium and engineering plastics?

My last machine, a Heiz 720, used a Kress 1050. It was a good machine but very noisy. Where I am now I need something much quieter. Really, I need more of a mill than a router but the cost of a CNC mill is too high. This machine might suit.

nimo usa says:

Where can I buy it? I need one in my life

Cory Fritz says:

This thing is like a dream unit


What's the brand name of the machine please

Wade Conner says:

I prefer the name Zack for the Z axis please 😉


So when is the public release or when do kick-starters get there firs production. i really want to the auto tool changing function.

Blondie SL says:

What an amazing robot!
It looks like the price is reasonable too (as of this video). I saw a different machine that, compared to this, is super basic and it cost a lot more.

Alexandre Ferreira says:

Well, and where to buy? How much? Or just another prototype to get money on kickstarter?

JHT Survival says:

This looks dope

Viseral_Notion says:

Notice how the entire gantry/chassis is mobile and not fixed? Although it has dust collection there is no way that particles will not get in between that gap……unless they have boots that prevent it.

Liton Basak says:

Hello sir, very nice this masing ,how much price please.please

Serg T says:

After this video I know how Geek porn looks like…

林 郭 says:


Don Buckles says:

Please post more on the Carvera.

filmat11 says:

So, what do you think this device will cost?

Zakira Gur says:

What is the name of the 6mm tool clamp? Are there replacements?

SlowPCGaming says:

Cool machine. I wouldn't be using the laser tool without protective hood on machine and eye wear. Being blinded with science makes for a good song but not in real life.

Turd Ferguson says:

Is there a demand for contract work for little machines like this? What repeatable tolerances can it hold?

Jasper Draconian wolf says:

How beginner user friendly is this to someone that has little to no experience with this kind of software

Malainor says:

Tool changer, 4th axis, dream machine 🤩. Well im gona finish my own some day.
Just need to put in the Hours.
The only bad part i can see is the tools not being in a box/drawer. Particles can easly lay ontop of tool. Or does it revers vacuum to clean them of..i think it does!
Its nice to see a proper machine with metal, more metal and some cool add-ons included.

Hum i wonder howlong until we start seing tool changing arms with air power toolchange (like a workshop cnc)

Andrew Ford says:

There are some very clever solutions engineered into this thing. The laser to observe whether a tool has sucessfully dropped in the tool holder is brilliant.

SB says:

I've spent years around CNC machines and this at first look is very impressive.

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