DIY Router Attachment | Make a Router Attachment for drill machine | DIY | GK's Wooden Workshop

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Happy new year!! Let us hope for a better year

Let us see how to make a Router attachment for the drill machine with the holder. It is very easy and simple in construction. I was attracted and amazed by its performance. Looks very cool to handle.

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DIY Wooden Hand screw clamp
For Part-1:
For part-2:

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Floomhooder TribeZ says:

Amazing .tutorial using electric friend here giving my full support.hope you do thisame to thanks.

Álvaro Máximo Tobias says:

Muito trabalho e a furadeira fica solta, qual a precisão disso?

SDU-Tango says:

why didn't you jsut put the handle on, why raise it with wood?

jon smith says:

So if that drill came loose and slipped slightly, you'd have a lovely red price of wood work,,,, not to mention a huge gash in your wrist.

Arun M says:

design amazing use compression springs in bottom and butterfly bolts that make your design even better

Денис Коровкин says:


Luís Ramos says:

it looks fantastic, congratulations.
can you measure the parts and screws?

Сергей Кубрин says:

Дрель не зажата,будет ,,гулять"!Надо переделать!

Rene Schülke says:

Keine Maß Angaben.

Christian Mirabal says:

Thanks for making the vid. Just what i needed.

Aarron Patrick says:

Great upload 👏🏾🔥 You ought to get a kick out of my friends videos also. Hit him up ——> #VicBanty 🤟🏾

sito JoyceHect says:

OMG 😍💋 💝💖❤️

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