DIY Sheet Metal Bender – Diy Projects

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In this video i have made a sheet metal bending tools. This homemade tool can be use for small fabrication projects,
This sheet metal bender only for thin metal sheet, this is awesome tool for custom fabrication,
I hope you will enjoy my diy projects video.

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outdoorzone says:

Thx for sharing! I made one similar and it works great!

Mandeep Singh says:

Could you tell me how much thick sheet can bend on this machine ?

diego perez says:

Chingon! saludos desde mexico}


what size shims did you put between the two angle iron plates? thanks

Adriano evangelista rosa says:

What are the measurements of the whole pieces?

Jose roberto Pereira de sousa says:

Quanto você cobrar pra fazer uma dessa?

Felix G Aguilar says:

Desde Venezuela. Exelente video y muy buena herramienta, me gustaria fabricar una, podria compartir las medidas y material necesario? Gracias

Martin Getlik says:

pekná práca. aj ja chcem takú ohybacku 👍👍👍

t Flatter says:

get yourself a cheap mig for the tac welds

Konrad Biniewicz says:

what dimensions is the angle bar?
what is the working length?

Diego Borges says:

I was always told that the way you put those hinge was the wrong way, but I see doen't cause you any issue.

Billy John Esterhuizen says:


leandro blanco says:

Excellent bender, I congratulate you. Up to what thickness of sheet metal is it possible to bend?

Francisco Das Chagas Da Cruz Ferreira says:

Gostei do vídeo.

Salem Thai says:

Helo thahks ban da chia se

NCS353A says:

Going to build one next weekend!

gunarsa gerry says:

Thanks for your information… 👍🏾

Виталий Басаргин says:


Szopa na wsi says:

steel sheet 1.5 meters long will be a problem 🤔

Guru Vishnu says:

Awesome bro

mineiro et vga mg says:

Ficou muito boa, mas os rasgos poderiam serem de medidas (distâncias) diferentes, pois nas medidas equidistantes dará menos oportunidades de outras medidas na largura !

benderroofvlog says:

Magkano po sir ma'am

jeff sharp says:

Groove it out were the hinges go and turn them over so the axis is centered, you will get tighter bends that way. the hinges the way they are now swing out when you make a beak. But still nice job.

armando garzon says:

Me gustó su dobladora y usted es un genio lo felicito mi nombre es armando de Palmira valle Colombia

killroy says:

very cool project. do you know whats the thickest gauge sheet metal you can bend with that?

George Spangler says:

Nice,,, l made a separate top jig for bending radiouses out of peace of 1-1/2 inch pipe fastens in Same bolt's and can make any size radious bends..

basant chandraker says:

Great sir ji

Research and Build says:

Thumbs up just for the slots in the bar idea which allow folding a box!

Bruce Williams says:

The slits you put into the top are a great idea. Thank you for the video.

Laurie Pereida says:

Very nice 👍 but if I could weld.. I wouldn't be thinking of bending metal

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