DIY Sheet Metal Cutting Tool Angle Grinder Attachment

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Homemade Sheet Metal Cutter Using Angle Grinder Machine And tin cutter with spring mechanism.

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Very good ❤️🇮🇩

ERIC DEL says:

Genius idea!

Нет Имени says:

Свяжитесь с каналом ТРУМ ТРУМ

TheIron Smith says:


Ldog562 says:

Yeah makes perfect sense, use cutting toolto make a tool to cut, If you've got a grinder just use that?

Mohammad Mursalin says:

Still waiting for a video on the entirety of youtube's makerspace where they turn an angle grinder into a martian landing rover. It seems that people are making just about anything with Angle Grinders these days.

Max Powers says:

If the same shears work hooked up to a power tool, it's not the shears, it's the idiot operator.

Caner B. says:

👏👏👏 muhteşem oldu.


Idea superrr genius 👍👍👍👍

Isitsquare says:

Now THAT’S cool!

wesley mccurdy says:

Or just bare with me. Used the angle grinder to cut the metal.

Craig says:

That was getting mighty close to your knuckles cutting strips… great idea made me cringe though..

ArkAngl5 says:

You could just buy some power nippers and save all the time and fuss. Probably for not much more than it cost you to make these.

The Wood Welding Fabricator ! says:

Lubrication… bare metal on metal is a bad idea

Ronnie Pirtle Jr says:

I think they sell these attachments now?
But hey, if you have a garage with all the proper tools and a piece of metal.. why not make one for the fun of it!

UltraGamma25 says:

Rapid limb removal tool

gardenwaster says:

worked magic on my Toenails

Joseph D'Bennidetto says:

Genius move dude.

GoF Yourself says:

…. Just buy a damn dedicated cutter… Wtf man

Loïc d'Alfort says:

Ça ! … c'est vraiment malin ! …. très malin ….

Joseph Consuegra says:

Buy good American made snips and learn how to use them.

NeverTalkToCops1 says:

US Patent Office
Device title: The Jibber Jabber.

Rizwan AR industry says:

Usefull for thin gauge sheet metal worker

Kiran Koli says:

You just need to resharpen the first scissors, it will work

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