DIY Spot Welding Machine

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How to build a Spot Welder with a microwave oven transformer. Never connect the transformer to the grid before removing the secondary coil, because it produces 2000 Volts at 500 mA, this is LETHAL. A secondary with more turns than primary rises the voltage. On the other hand, a secondary with less turns lowers the voltage and put more amperes to draw. With a thick cable we make a 2 turns coil that delivers 2 or 3 volts and many many amperes. This is why the cable has to be very thick.


antonio carlos tiburcio de carvalho says:

good afternoon!!would it work for you to use the primary of the other transformer, as a secondary of the transformer you opened?

in that case it would be 220v input and 220v output of the transformer, what do you think?

everafterinkable says:

Where do you get the primary, secondary part your taking apart? What did it come out of?

DrumAndBassFreak says:

What voltage can you get by feeding electricity to the secondary?

max wang says:

Thank you. I’m going to make one of these.

H.K. Creation says:

Agar ham jis chij ko welding kar rhe hai usko hatho se pakad ke welding kare to chock lagega ya nahi

Javaid Hussain says:

This is fake video the spot welding machineis not making this type

Solution says:

یوٹیوب پر پہلی بار منفرد آئیڈیا LED بلب کو آلات ٹیسٹر میں تبدیل کریں۔ وہ بھی مکمل فری

Tigran Ohanyan says:

Instead of putting back shunts, use thicker wire for secondary and put more turns. 🙂

Noman Wadood says:

when i was removing mot secondary winding i damaged the primary winding of mot could you tell me how many turns and layers required in mot primary winding plz reply there is no answer of my question on internet.

john Al says:

made one but ii get short circuit and it blows the fuse when u connect the power to the transformer does it matter which one you connect the black wire and in which one u connect the

roldan prieto says:

Can i ask question what is the supply of sour it is 220v ac or 12 volt dc?

M. Luiz says:

Que bosta de explicação!

FlipFlop says:

I wonder how many Watts it drawn from the power supply. I want to make this, but I am affraid it will trip the MCB.

كهرباء البناء الريف says:


سالم الزيدي 64 says:

الفكرة جيدة وتحتاج تطوير اكثر حتى تلحم الحديد الكبير

gk with me says:

What is voltage of transformer

Piti Karon says:

the best of the best cheap spot welding

Mr. Maker says:

মোটা তারে কিভাভে কারেন্ট আসল?চিকন তারের কয়েলের সাথেত মোটা তারের কোন সংযোগ নাই।

Dan S says:

Can anyone explain to me hoe electricity it getting through to the connectors?
The wire is isolated and not touching 🤔

Prateek Gupta says:

can it weld steel?

M. Kalwar says:

Can we use inverter transformer?

Toader Viciriuc says:

Ok felicitari

Servicios Tecnicos Integrales says:

what number of cable is??? please..

Sergio Salazar says:

No ni por nada juegue con los transformadores eso fabrique una soldadora yo tengo varios de microondas todas marcas samsung pero lo tengo

Kilian franke says:

Question: Where does the power come from at 1:40 ? is the cable you can see below just plugged in to the wall? wouldnt that short the circuit?


Can you please tell me what's the input and output of this transformer used

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