DIY Tool Caddy – Sheetmetal Build Project

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This video will document the build of my DIY sheetmetal tool caddy made from 0.55mm thick zinc annealed sheet steel. It will also highlight the use of Adobe Illustrator to design and laser cut a custom badge on the Epilog Fusion Pro laser system.

Fusion360 CAD Model here:

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Siti Anisah Binti Atan @ Yaakub says:

Hi Aaron, should the base 420mm x 420mm dimension?

digby says:

Hi Aaron… This video is great and is something I want ti implement into my metal classroom for them students to use. I was just doing a manufacturing drawing to match up with the measurements on the video…. Can I ask you a question?… The main body in the video is 400×400 and then you fold a 10mm safety edge and 110mm sides so the base is 160mm but the end pieces the base is 200mm wide. Am I reading it wrong? I could change the body to 440×400 but that would not fit as nice on a 1200 wide sheet. Regards. Digby

outsidescrewball says:

Nice build…sure wish I had a second set of hands….lol, surprised me when they appeared

Joel L says:

Wouldn’t the spot welds be sufficient to hold the caddy together (well, maybe a few more spot welds)? I think I prefer the spot welds as opposed to the rivet protrusion on the inside of the caddy.

Joel L says:


Craig Tate says:

Great looking caddy. Kinda gives me some organizing ideas of my own

Everett's Workshop says:

Man, watching this video takes me back to doing sheet metal with my students. We didn't have a computerized shear or engraver, just manual equipment, but we made lots of trays, tool boxes, and the like. I had started to make videos for the shop projects but your videos, which look very appropriate for your students to use, are very pro!

Денис Ка says:

Расчёты, линейка, станки… Скажи пакистанцу, что тебе нужно и он соберёт это на коленке! )))

Joe Duda says:

Great video and project thanks Aaron

Adam Carmichael says:

This is awesome! Thanks for showing how it's done 🙂

Not sure I can attempt this (no brake or guillotine), but I might have a go at building a small one next year!

Jody Olivent says:

I expected the flats being thrown on the table to magically turn into the finished product…then I remembered I wasn't watching "this old tony". I might have to try my hand at some sheet metal at some point. It is amazing how sturdy it is.

Matty’s Workshop says:

Gday Aaron, I remember making something similar to this in high school a long time ago, it’s still in dads shed last time I seen it…great video mate, throughly enjoyed, cheers Matty

The Knackler's Workshop says:

Entertaining video Aaron…

Robert Brown says:

Well done mate 👍
Whose bending gear?
I tried to make/use a ‘DIY’ bender to do a bench top out of 1.6mm Aluminium.
Only a 24mm turn-down…. but too much for the 1” angle iron Jury Rig 🥴.
Do… got it to 45, and then hammered it down to 90 over the edge of Humung 600kg Jig Table.
Actually, the ‘hammered’ surface looks quite decorative

Test Your Design says:

Almost a Kennedy but not quite a Gerstner. Somehow your hands got thinner part way through the build!!

Cut and Carve CNC says:

Sweet as aaron

Hill Top Machine Works says:

Seeing that it only took you 13 minutes to build it on video, what was the actual build time?

Matt McLeod says:

Until you got to the laser I’m like “yeah cool I could do all this at home” 🤣

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