DIY Welding Machine / Only 2 Microwave Transformer / Good Job

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Hello there. In this video, I showed the construction of an Arc Welding Machine with adjustable output current, which gives very successful results. I only used 2 microwave oven transformers. I wrapped the secondary windings of the transformers with 4mm2 silicon insulated copper cable. Silicone insulated cables are heat resistant. Our welding machine was very light and useful. It has the capacity to burn a 3.25 electrode easily. We can adjust the current through the dimmer circuit. Since the dimmer circuit in my hand is low-power, I strengthened it by adding a triac. However, a dimmer circuit of 4000W will be sufficient. I used a 10mm2 cable for the output probes and made them detachable using a 10/25 socket. I used 2 12V fans to cool the transformers and a 12V power supply to feed them. I used aluminum plates and some plywood in the box making. I tried to show all the details in the video, so it’s a bit long.

I look forward to your comments and any questions. Thanks for watching.

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Amigo se coloca a 110v o a 220v gracias

noureddine rachedi says:

So perfect a clean job thanks

armal khan says:

You are really a hard working man

DrHerarius says:

Интересный вариант.
Какова мощность одного трансформатора? 800 Вт, 1000Вт?
Сколько можно варить непрерывно, пока вторичка не перегреется? Минут 15 выдержит?

Алексей Котов says:

Сколько витков провода в обмотке 2?

Anonymously says:

Great job Dan! 👍💪

江德如 says:


Cristian Gurrea says:

el atenuador de potencia, te resulto, porque en ningun momento lo mostraste en las pruebas de soldado

nodarI qatamadze says:

Добав дроссель ,варить будет лучше

Trevor Turner says:

I would have liked to know how many winds he made on those secondary and a wiring diagram for the triacs. It isn’t even very clear where he soldered them or why.


Aluminyum plakalari nereden bulabiliriz acaba

de tudo um pouco e um pouco mais says:

Amigo ficou 10

Del bandung says:

4mm2 13m cable long for each transformer or both? thank you

Del bandung says:

thank you sharing this video tutorial, i will make this one ….

Ahmet NAZLI says:

çok basit,çok profesyonel bir proje aklınıza sağlık.

Martin Jaime says:

Maestro murat muy intersante los proyectos que enseñas
Desde mi ignorancia lo voy a estar molestando con preguntas gracias
Excelente su trabajo bendiciones

Martin Jaime says:

Buenas noches amigo excelente su video es posible me regale los planos graciaa

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