DW1390 Laser machine Installation and Operation

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Shah Sawar Riaz says:

Help me sir!!! For Software.

Shah Sawar Riaz says:

I want software????

Large equipment freight forwarder says:

Low price engraving machine purchase see here,https://youtu.be/J6nWjL5fZpk

MD. Ali Haidar says:

বাংলা বলা যাবে

Curas1 says:

Customer service must be a pure joy, he sounds like the guy from south park chinese food restaurant.

Talib Printer says:

Price please

Sai kumar says:

how much price in india

DropsWell says:

we now sell the 1290 which is a better machine and has different control systems and is a more reliable unit https://www.dropswell.com/1290-1200x900cm-80w-co2-laser-cutter please have a look

DropsWell says:

I agree always plug chiller into a seperate supply then run it this way there is a safety device the laser will not fire without the water being on, however you still stand the risk of blowing tubes. Always always check this and plug the chiller into a seperate socket Francis Dropswell.

chiu sing yiu says:

no safety device on this system , incorrect !
chiller always turn on first ! To make sure there is water in the chiller ……. build in
safety cutoff in the circuit … if there is no water in the water tank ….. m/c can't
start up …. etc however , there are still lot more should improvement for this m/c ..
future usesage experience will tell them these things ! keep on and take care ! bye

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