Easy Welding machine DIY ! ⚡🔥 Cheap, Simple, Compact!

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Kreosan English says:

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John Duthie says:

Could I make one of these to weld a BMX rail? How likely is it to ruin the rail instead of actually welding it?

El Bassaragh II says:

Thanks alot

Duane Watson says:

What is the wattage of that specific microwave?

ryan B says:

Diode or rectified for dc, ?

Random Schittz says:

2:28 has to be your favorite part

JVon says:

Electrocution…..what electrocution……

FreelancerFreak says:

Russian building codes 😂🤣

ian mcgauley says:

Safety number 1 priority 🙏🙏🙏

GamingGuy says:

How many watts does it use will it overload my 240 v outlet and what music is in the outro I like it

19AKANE92 says:

yes becouse playing around with a microwave transormer is the safest thing a low skilled human schould do (darwin awards incomming)

Woody Woodlstein says:

Clever buggers.

Sunanda Jayakoday says:

Nice video Bro. Thanks.

Jason Lin says:

That’s the great thing about stick welders you don’t need an actual welder, anything that can provide enough voltage and current will do

Jonny Mud Mower says:

This was great👍🏻🇨🇦🍻


How can I use car battery to make my own powerful welding machine

Gamazda is Great says:

2:32 Your French English is superb, monsieur.

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