EF-60 Edge Forming Tool Demo

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Cleaveland Tool’s Edge Forming Tool

How to adjust and use the edge rolling tool.


This is a tool that REALLY WORKS!

Roller shape forms a slightly turned edge on aluminum to assure a tight fit along the joints of overlapping sheets.
Hardened stainless rollers are attached to Vice-Grip handles.
Handle is at a comfortable-to-use angle.
Rollers are adjustable to the aluminum thickness and once set, can be locked to reproduce exact results.
Very controllable.
6 inch overall length
Bend reaches 0.2 inches from edge


Logam kampung 5331 says:

Mantap 👍

Ian McColl says:

"about like"? which one is it?

Katy Wright Gallery says:

Hmm. I'm a recycle artist looking for a way to roll edges of cut aluminum cans. Any clues or pointers? Total newbie here. Thanks.

Fabrication Tips says:

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Alex Stepanov says:

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TBD DIY says:

I'm from Vietnam, nice to know you're passionate about mechanics 👍👍 let's share experiences together

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دوربینت مزاحم است جوابش را اینجا میگیری

K Tennyson says:

I did not know but now I am informed.

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Len David Hart says:

I work with metal, i can see this is a great tool

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