Electrical apprentice tool box (commercial)

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WNYSparky15 says:

Hey man nice set up. It's funny how people give you shit for your tools being so prestine and in perfect condition but like you just started when this video came out. Screw them. 6 yrs in this trade and very impressed on your loadout. Wasn't anywhere close to this when I first started. I strongly suggest a veto pro pac tool bag. I love mine and wouldn't look back on getting it. Yes they are pricy but it's totally worth it. You take care of your tools your tools take care of you. Keep up the good work man. If you want I'll show you my set up to give you and suggestions on what else to get

Nicholas Nasti says:

You can most likely take the clip off of that knife and bend it back into shape.

Apo Pilay says:

Practice to remove the battery from your power tools before you store them to your tool box.

Gylmar Quevedo says:

As a first year apprentice, seeing all these tools excites me because I’ve gotten to learn so much in 6 months I can’t picture myself doing anything else but electrical work. I’ve been buying a tool a hand tool a week, hopefully when I top out I’ll have a similar armament to yours!!

Gabe Gonzales says:

All I seen was clean tools and no tool belt and I cringed when he said I had to borrow a couple times .if you gotta borrow something more than once it goes on you’re list of shit you need

John Abner says:

They ever tried to steal your pack out ? I’ve had some encounters with drywall getting close as hell to my pack out in where It looked like they tried to steal something lol

electricalron says:

Good stuff man. Its good that you've gone ahead and bought good quality tools because that says you're committed to the trade. 31 years in the electrical trade for me and I love what I do.

EDH_Alters says:

You're like a boy who never uses his tools.

Mack Dingo says:

I will never buy boots with out toe-cap protectors

XxslyXx65 says:

Great stuff! 3rd year apprentice here. You’re doing great

SKILOinc says:

U really spent all that money on the packout to put like 4 things in each box lmao

Kyle Haggerty says:

You should get the angled head Klein sideys man life changing haha

Mrs .Melendez(LITTLE ONEx3) says:

I love my packout but I just wish they had drawers

Alejandro Garcia says:

Get the multi nut driver and multi screwdriver'cable cutter and crimpet

Martín Electrician says:

Good video bro!

King Liam says:

Your the richest fucking apprentice ever.. we be lucky to have our screwdrivers in Ireland

Joe Joe says:

What i don’t like about Klein level is the bobble dose not go from line to line so its not that accurate.

Joe Joe says:

Milwaukee just came out with flat knee pads.

Lorenzo Mendez says:

Bro did you just start working 😭

Jules Faucher says:

all ur stuff looks brand new

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