Electrician apprentice tool bag tour. Basic electrical hand tools! Apprentice tool bag!

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A comprehensive apprentice tool bag tour! This will cover an electricians apprentice tools and then some. Needed by day 1 to things needed in the first couple months. This will include my favorite of each tool.

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Day 1
11-1 screwdriver
Wire strippers

Diagonal cutting pliers
Lineman pliers
Channel locks
voltage detector
Needle nose

Pliers wrench
2nd pair of channel locks
7-1 nut driver
Beater screwdriver
Drill and Impact
Home Depot for Milwaukee Lowes for Dewalt!


Michael Gibson says:

I would probably add a tape measure in the list of tools needed. Good video for a beginner apprentice or someone looking at getting into the field. 👍🔧⚡🪛

LAntonioJara says:

Out of curiosity, what is the difference between a drill and an impact driver? I feel like I've watched a bunch of videos comparing and contrasting and the only thing I consistently get is that an impact driver can give more power and generally is more expensive. Am I missing something? Or is a driver generally a better purchase since it can do more?

Juan Gonzalez says:

I do mostly commercial and everyone I work with usually has a big tote or the Klein backpack and then a husky pouch about the same size as your veto in this video. But then within an hour everyone turns into a pocket electrician 🤣 I usually keep my Klein 6in1 extended multi screwdriver, Klein lineman’s and Milwaukee 6in1 wire strippers in my pockets. I can usually get most done with those 3

Eric Soto Hernandez says:

Klein screwdrivers with the tips that the wera screwdrivers have would be a godsend, I despise the wera screwdriver handles

A1 Electrical Services says:

Nice set up for apprentices 👌🏻 don’t forget tape measure 😉

Kiwi Bloke. says:

Side cutters ?

Henrik Jørgensen says:

Volume to low, sry

Carsen Fzj80 says:

Impact is my most used tool

Victor Elisalda says:

I have my good ol 14 in 1 by Klein with all the attachments the 5 in 1 has and more the bits even work with my impact hasn’t let me down yet

Carlos Rodriges says:

Great video man thank you

Tennessee Dog Pack says:

Wire strippers with a spring loaded handle are the best!

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