Emergency Call on Memorial Day

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In this video I visit an elderly lady who had no AC at all. Immediate problem was a clogged drain. But, there were other problems. #hvacguy #hvactechnician #hvac #hvactech #hvaclife #milwaukeetools #hvacinstall

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Mark Jakims says:

I have a question Why isn’t there a return plenum on that system in an unconditioned space I see that in some videos on here id figure that’s code where your at/ all over the us when the system is in an attic just asking for learning purposes ?

Dylan Drymond says:

That air handler had the room to lift it up with snow legs or something similar so that the P-trap can be at the air handler and easily accessible. I assume that the reason someone put the trap outside is due to no drop in the attic on drain line. Also, your accent when saying coil …my closed captions pronounced it "Coal" , Lol. Thanks again.

bob boscarato says:

Best way is to put those customers on a "Maintenance Plan" with two preseason visits and filter change. They'll save lots of money in the long run. All those pets can surely load up filters and evaporator coils. Outdoor coils suffer from pets as well as environment and bushed growing too close to units!!! That will reduce your load work during busy times. Have a nice holiday!

Carlos G says:

Would You recommend going too school for hvac or getting hands on experience them testing?

Jim Grady says:

Just wanted to let you know I hate your videos! Every time I watch one, I see another tool or gadget I have to add to my Amazon cart. LOL

Cyclone patriot says:

So I was watching one of your videos and you were saying that you prefer working by yourself?
So you don’t like training new people in the field?
I’m just curious either way I won’t stop watching lol

steveg5576 says:

Glad your channel is growing. That inverter, why so big ?

Garrett Gaetzke says:

Come work in Phoenix we need help during the summer lol

Scott Meyer says:

Bet the meter is spinning fast with that much head pressure.

John Walker says:

Good job Curtis.

Bill Simpson says:

When Curtis said 'emergency call' I remembered the opening scene from, 'For Your Eyes Only' when the vicar tells James Bond, then played by Sir Roger Moore, that the office was sending a helicopter to pick him up for some sort of an emergency. Then Moore says, "It usually is." Curtis is the James Bond of HVAC. I miss the dry humor of Moore as Bond. Avoid those kind of helicopter flights! Those were the days when they did real stunts instead of mostly fake computer generated stuff.

Mike Stevenson says:

High head pressure

Alan Newsome says:

Do people not realize you have service your system at least once year even if it’s two or three years old I mean come on. That poor condenser is wearing a fur coat! Then the filter was was just as bad too and then obviously she needs to change that filter more often because of her pets. Your right though that is going to be a big job. Great job as always brother.

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