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I in no way was paid by Everlast to make this video. I have just been asked so many questions about these pieces of equipment so I figured I would share my experience of owning and using them.

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EVERLAST PLASMA CUTTER: http://amzn.to/2ozq3S4
EVERLAST TIG WELDER: http://amzn.to/2p3H0Wk
EVERLAST TIG WELDER: http://amzn.to/2nNkSQ0

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Ron E says:

I bought the MTS211Si a few years ago, it's worked good so far!

Cavemanshotyou says:

i am having problems with my everlast welder it wont feed wire. i got it 2 weeks ago it work just fine. now it wont feed. any idea what i can do. i havent call the company yet

Joe Block says:

Buyer beware… I am a life time welder… recently bought an Everlast TIG welder for the home hobby shop and while the welder may be good (remains to be seen) the accessories are not. In short order the Argon hose blew out and the regulator leaks at the gage fitting. Basic China quality.

John Versluis says:

Go With HTP stay away from everlast !! Everlast is made in china

David says:

Where did you get the carts for your welders?

Ronni Barber says:

Geez, every machine has had a problem…that's not very reassuring of their name

QRP to QRO says:

Hi Jim. Thanks for your video. I know its an older video now (4 years old at the time of this post). Do you have any updates to your experiences with Everlast support? Do you have any instances where you have needed repairs done to the machines since the video? If so – what types of issues and did you opt to do the repairs/replacements with supplied parts or did you send any machines in?

Fabian Moya says:

How are those everlast holding up 3 years later?

carol shawol says:

Don't carbon arc gouge with that powerarc300 you'll fry it

Clark Griswold says:

Thanks for the reviews. I've been considering the 210. But you didnt have very good odds with all of the issues you had. Not sure if i'll go this route. Although this is just for around the house, I dont want to have to deal with all you went through.

Michael Knight says:

I bought one. They should be paying someone to develop a useful manual and put out some videos.

YOgO23 says:

reveiew the weldpro mig 200 please

Derrick Cohee says:

Have the 210EXT, have had absolutely NO issues from day one. Wonderful TIG machine. Had it for about a year now. Debating whether to upgrade to 325EXT or Fronius magicwave 230i(about a $2000 difference) not many people have the fronius for that reason, comparible prices with Miller, and less known. But everlast is best bang for buck, and I dont see any issues so far. Thanks jimbo for unbiased opinion

z244824 says:

Omg these things have a tremendous amount of infant mortality 😵

Gary Karczewski says:

Do you find that TIG welding is typically used on your projects which require thin metal stock and or aluminum when requested.? Did you get your welder fixed or did you sell it off?

Gary Karczewski says:

I presume you sold the MIG welder when you got the HTC. I presume you went HTC because of its performance both in shop and remote welding correct. The Everlast was just a shop welder correct? Did you replace or sell off the Stick Welder now that you are using the HTC mostly?

nancy vt says:

You can buy a red or a blue machine if you know what I mean… But Everlast stands behind their product 100% at 1/3 of the cost and to me thats all that matters with a 5 year backing if after that and it dies its going in the dumpster.

Jason Withrow says:

All my argon fittings leak and my high frequency went out. They want me to take pictures of all the problems. I run a fabrication shop and cannot wait for new parts

Jason Withrow says:

The customer service is not good for the adverage joe

Jason Withrow says:

I have been thru a lot problems with getting my equipment fixed if your not a yoituber goodluck

Im American says:

I don't think it'd your fault. they sound problematic

Greg Guare says:

Jimbo- Appreciate your honest review of Everlast equipment. Though there are mixed reviews, I am not sold nor refuse to purchase/support Everlast equipment. I lean towards a more popular, "lets say" equip ie: Miller, and Ive even had issues with their brand new equipment more than once. Customer service can be hit or miss, so I still stand neutral on all brands. Just my two bits-

BamBam Holyfeld says:

I've never heard anything but good things from Everlast. I don't own one but would like to. I have a Klutch multiprocess from Northern Tool and love it. I did buy one of those cheap plasma cutter from Amazon and it has been a beast! It has cut everything I've needed including 1/2 inch plate!

Wolfie says:

I spoke with an oleg from Everlast yesterday in California. He was rude enough for me to hangup. The site said 809 for the 206pi. He told me that was an old price and I should refresh my cookies and I'll see the full price. Apparently the site was running a 10 percent promo or something I couldn't understand coming from oleg's mouth. I proceeded to ask if he could get an approval for the price in an email which he already had. He then told me he would not bug his manager unless I was ready to purchase while on the phone. I had clearly started the conversation stating I was shopping around and comparing all the multi function machines. I'm still hunting to replace a 25 year old century unit. Great videos though.

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