Extreme Fast Milling Machines in Action – DATRON CNC Machines

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Extreme Fast Milling Machines in Action – DATRON CNC Machines


Kabuki Kitsune says:

What no coolant?

Catherine Harris says:

Simply outstanding!👍👍👍👍👍

Gajendra singh Gajendra singh says:

Fitter marking cnc lovely finished

Silent Shadow says:

2:10 legit peak flex

Arta Ramadani says:

Can i get the program?

sandymusic31 says:

Son muchas pasadas con el mismo cortador solo para limpiar los canales, para mí gusto usaría un cortador más grande para abrir y luego uno más pequeño para detallar. También utilizaría una base especial para poner tres piezas a la vez y optimizar el programa para hacer 3 piezas en esos 7 minutos y no solo una.

Zachary Mitchell says:

Mean Machine

Ali Agree says:


Ant Print Design & Print says:

very soothing watching that, i kinda wanted little missiles to pop out of the door though 😀

AmeliaBuns says:

omg tho, damn, that speed, that..

LumppyyPancake8 says:

Mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr mrr mrrrrrrrrrrrrr mr mrrr mrr mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Ogmunchy says:

Who else saw the meme and had to see one in action

Leslie Chow says:

This is a death grips song


How to control thermal expansion or distortion in aluminium?

Mr. DAS says:

Amazing but there is lots of metal wasting
It should be reuse that wastes

Carlos Dos Santos says:

Correct if I’m but this is used alongside AutoCAD CAM right?

Kamran Pipekesh says:

How much is this device? I like one for hobby metal working

NBR Art says:

take a peek at how much is the price

Angelina Lawye says:

Nicely done

Michael Peterson says:

Is this how things like Apple device bodies are made? And is the excess aluminum recycled into new blocks? Just curious.

Dank spongebob says:

Stainless steel "try that on me lol"

Shannon Gibson says:

I heard very good opinions about the Woodprix plans.

fellpower says:

Not really fast…..its not true

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